23 November 2007

Dyeing to Finish

The BSJ continues apace, but I am very nearly finished with the yarn I started with.You can see the shape of it really well now, though.


Of course, as I mentioned earlier, running out of yarn necessitated dyeing more to be able to finish this project up. So I skeined up one of the balls of undyed, light lopi type yarn I got from Debbie at Nordic Fiber Arts when she was doing a bit of destashing last winter. I had thought it would be particularly useful for charitable projects just like this one. No ballband on this or another just like it, as they'd been wound off into cakes sometime well in the past, but it's definitely wool and was definitely greasy. Washing it in Synthrapol got out quite a lot of dirt and grease.


And then I made up a dyebath with equal parts "Evergreen", "Chocolate Brown", and just a tiny bit of "Bright Red". I was kind of hoping for a dark olive-y color, but it was a total experiment and I really wasn't sure what to expect. What I did get was this:


Not exactly expected, but still quite nice. It's a touch lighter than the original brown with a bit more tonal variation, but I think it's a hue that won't look like ass against the original, which was my absolute biggest worry.

If only I'd remembered to bring it to work with me.


Rabbitch said...

nom nom nom.

Nice dyeing!

knitnzu said...

I think it looks great, and that (at least from the pics on the monitor) it'll do great w/ the bsj!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry...you make "looking like ass" sound like a bad thing.

Hmmm...not what I might have expected from you.