16 November 2007

On Telecom Amnesty

This is the letter I just sent to both of my (Republican) senators:

I am writing you regarding the proposed changes to the FISA act, specifically with respect to the proposals to grant immunity to the telecom corporations that have allegedly participated in the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping program. I wish to register my strong opposition to any plan that would grant immunity to these companies.

If, as the President says, we are a “nation of laws”, then it is absolutely unconscionable that such a measure would even be considered. To do so would not serve in the least the good of the American people and would only erode further our fundamental liberties, which have been consistently and continuously undermined over the past 6 years, often with the support of your office.

I find the Administration’s dissembling in this matter most disingenuous. If, as they claim, “ordinary Americans” have not been monitored and no wrong has been done, then I do not believe they have a legitimate national security interest in denying the American people proof of that assertion. The proposed telecom amnesty is no more than an effort to indemnify proactively corporate parties that have knowingly participated in the Administration’s dubious activities, thereby precluding any legitimate inquiry into the matter, which will almost certainly have to be handled through the court system.

If you do vote in favor of granting amnesty to these corporate entities, it will do nothing so much as send a clear message that you do not care about the fundamental rights of the American people, nor believe in the fundamental concept of government requiring the consent of the governed. I am already doubtful of your commitment to just government, as your office chose not even to acknowledge my views regarding the defense spending bill last spring, having already decided, apparently, to toe the party line and continue to grant the President carte blanche to prosecute his deadly and ideologically-driven war. I would hope, however, that this time you will take the opportunity to prove me wrong.

At some point there will be updates on the BSJ, but between work (very busy), The Crud (raging back with a vengeance and now, thankfully, waning again), and temporary bachelor life (David's on a business trip to Peru), there's not been much of a chance to get a good progress photo.


Jean said...

I didn't even know about the proposed telecom amnesty, despite much earnest Economist-reading. Bravo for this.


Wendelene said...

Wonderful letter. The hypocrisy of this administration amazes me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mel - Thank you for the great post! As a native of the state that our Vice-President renounced (to head Halliburton) then conveniently reclaimed to be able to BE Vice-President, I see the same toe-the-line Republicanism firsthand. I faithfully follow your blog, not only for the knitting but the social insights. Namaste-Joe, in Wyoming

knitnzu said...

Go Mel, Go! I have little faith in my government. I don't believe for a nanosecond that in general these people in positions of power have the best interests of the people of this country (never mind the world) in their hearts. It's all about MONEY and POWER. Send your healing vet thoughts to my girl dogs' bro Sid. He put his paw through a high glass window this afternoon and was 3 hours in surgery. I went over to clean up...what a lot of blood, thick and like pudding. Tore through 5 muscles, his tendon, and the ulnar nerve, but so very grateful he is alive and may be able to come home tomorrow.

Sam said...

Well done man. not enough of us are writing letters these days.

hope the creeping crud is mericiful with you.