12 September 2007

The Scottish Woman Cometh

A few weeks ago I sat down with a representative for a really, really, really large company that's practically right down the road from the clinic to do a little survey. For an hour or so of my time, they paid me an embarrassing sum in the form of a pair of debit cards. Which I have since been trying to decide how to spend.

Naturally, my thoughts immediately turned to fiber-related paraphernalia, but there are just so many options that I had a really hard time deciding. And then tonight, I just up and made a decision and ordered this book. I figured if I was going to spend that much money, I should spend the little bit extra to get the hardcover version, as it should hold up better. Besides, it was practically free money - completely extrabudgetary.

The best part, though, was when I went to checkout. I had an Amazon gift certificate waiting to be cashed in, so I ended up with more of that free money left over than I'd expected. I think I may save the remainder for a little Rhinebeck spending. Do you suppose this blows my chances at winning the lottery tomorrow?

New Farm Residents

While I was sleeping on Monday, Landladies Paula & Wendy brought home the newest members of our little farm family - a pair of miniature donkeys. When I got up today, all the girl 'pacas were crowded along their fence staring at the strange new critters and alarm calling. I've only caught a few brief glimpses through the rain, but once things dry up in the next day or so, I'll get some pictures to share.


knitnzu said...

How exciting! Nice to be on the receiving end of big business, and hopefully your input will really help them help vets and animals. Mini donkeys? Are they like mini horses? Somebody in Central NY had some of the mini horses, which were smaller than the dog (an Irish wolfhound-a girl even) I was living with!

Anonymous said...

What does an alpaca alarm call sound like?

I've not heard an alpaca make any sound at all. (Other than the chomp, chomp when it was eating from my hand.)

Sheepish Annie said...

Well now, I think you earned that money! You did, after all, give of your time and they clearly valued your background and experience. Yay for spending it on neat new stuff!!!

Donkeys are soooooo cute! A friend of mine had one years ago and he was such fun. Very, playful! Enjoy the new members of the family.

Anonymous said...

Not at all! you earned that money and the lottery is a matter of good luck. If it is not the power ball you have a fair chance, if it is, I am sorry, but this one is mine,,, hehehehe,
good luck anyway.

Strikkelise said...

The mini donkeys sound so cute! Shame on the alpacas to be so prejudiced towards immigrants.
Sounds like you're going to be the owner of a real treasure of a book, and no, of course you're not ruining your luck.
Thanks for the advice on the mittens, if I understand you correctly, I'm going in the right direcion.

magnusmog said...

Scottish women ? Always a good choice :)