20 September 2007

She's Here!


This had arrived when I got up today. It's a crap photo, but I wanted to hurry up and snap a photo before work and I knew the flash would only bounce right back off the mylar dust jacket cover. When I ordered this, I had figured from the price that it would probably be a later printing, but it appears to be from the original 1988 printing, and in about as perfect condition as you could ever hope for. I am most pleased.

And keeping things in a Scottish vein, last night I finished pinning out pleats on the kilt I started just over a year ago (I didn't want to believe it was that long, but I checked.). I decided a month or so back that I was out of my fucking mind to try to tackle a full 8yd. kilt when I just wanted something for casual wear and I had never done it before. So I cut it in half.

No photos yet, but all I need to do is finish basting the pleats for ironing, handsew the hip-to-waist taper in the pleats, finish the aprons, afix a waistband, get straps and sew them on, make a buttonhole on the left hip for that strap to pass through, and sew in a broadcloth lining. I'm hoping to get this done by Rhinebeck, but that's what I was hoping for last year, too, so we shall see.


Anonymous said...

Good luck finishing the kilt. I am amazed at the projects you tackle! Does nothing scare you?

Sheepish Annie said...

That book is just lovely! It really is in perfect condition.

I think I remember when you started this kilt...did you blog about that?

knitnzu said...

Have you seen 'utilikilts'? (have I asked you this before?). I think they are HOT...and I want one for me because they seem so handy. And I got some nice legs. So are you going to show up in one of Dave's AW pics if you wear your kilt to Rhinebeck??? (on dog food I got some Purina 1 lamb and rice-only tell me if it's a terrible choice!)

Anonymous said...

It is a great book, isn't it? (Just like all of her books, pretty much.)

Good luck with the kilt. I have thought about making one, including weaving the family tartan, should we have one. I have not gotten through all of the other projects I have on the block, though.

Unknown said...

I'd ask to borrow your kilt so I could see if I looked good in it, or more like a little Catholic school girl, but it it would have to have expanding pleats and waist band for me to fit in it.

I've never tried my hand at following a sewing pattern. I think I might try it some time and see if I have any talent for it whatsoever. I don't know that I'd try a kilt as my first project.