02 July 2007

Just To Clarify

There were no cruelty or neglect cases Saturday night. It was an extremely busy night, though, and I saw 21 new cases in 15 hours. On average, each case takes me about an hour. Some take much less time, some much more, but on average that's what it works out to. And then there were the already-hospitalized cases on top of that.

The assholes were a couple who were pissed off that I hadn't taken the time out to call them to get their Jack Russell terrier, who was wound tighter than a clock spring and trying to bite the staff whenever they opened his cage door. 21 cases in 15 hours. I barely had time to go to the bathroom. Had they called, as I had been told they would, he likely would have gone home earlier, though perhaps not entirely well. As it is, by the time I realized they hadn't called, it was very late, and I'm not in the habit of calling people about nonessential matters, especially not at 3AM. They would likely have been pissed off if I'd done so, anyway.

They were also pissed off that we hadn't fed the dog, who was hospitalized because he'd been vomiting constantly for two days. I hope he puked all over them on the way home.

Also: if you had trouble reading the caption in the photo in the last post, click on it to go to the Flickr page, where you can view it in larger sizes. If you don't recognize him, it's Phil Spector from his murder trial. The little bichon was a very nice, if timid, patient with nice owners.


Carol said...

I firmly believe there are two kinds of people in the world: people who love their pets like family, and those who view them as possessions or objects to be discarded or ignored at will. As one of the former, I simply do not understand the latter.

But I'm sure the poor Jack Russell's owners bitched about how expensive the bill was...

knitnzu said...

Ugh. I'm with Carol. Next time? You should call him at 3 am.

Anonymous said...

Why are spome people so cruel to each other? If they said they were going to call, they should have. Even if they hadn't, they should have checked on the dog themselves. After all, he wasn't your only patient...oh wait, they probably thought he was.

On a lighter note....loved the crazy pix of Phil. Talk about a weirdo!

Anonymous said...

You made the right call. And you had every right to be pissed off. Some people are just arrogant. They think they are the most important people in the world and don't even really imagine that you might have been busy looking after other animals.

I also have very little time for anyone who treats someone providing a service like dirt. That runs from cashiers right up to doctors and whatnot. Your expertise deserves respect.

Unknown said...

Personally, I think the bichon is far better groomed than Phil. And less likely to be packing heat. It has been suggested that Phil's wigmaker be put on trial. I concur.

I often wonder why people like the Jack Russell's owners even bother having pets. I mean, what's the point? Here at the Roberts's domain, all four cats are beloved companions. All adopted, all happy. Animals are only as good as their owners. I believe owners should be licensed as well.