04 July 2007

Happy 4th!

My Monday night at work was busy but manageable, and I'm so very happy to have the holiday off. I'm expecting farm visitors, which means I should be getting to bed early tonight. By which I mean maybe 2-ish. But first I wanted to share a few things.

First is this little invader, whom I found & hurriedly released before I left for work.


When I was letting him go on the back of the property, I heard what I think was most likely fox kits playing just around the hill and out of my line of sight. I released him by an old stone wall, though, so he's at least got a fighting chance. If you're really interested and look really closely, there is a bit of mouse poo visible in the photo, but it wasn't what I was shooting for (Speaking of which, if you have an aversion to that sort of photo, don't go here. And on another knitting blog, no less!).

And going even a touch further back, we got word Monday morning that one of David's girls had delivered a healthy grey boy cria. David already had a full slate, so I went over and took some pics and only just had a chance to get on his comp to upload one.


No name yet, but he's exactly one year younger than Juliette. He looks very rosy on the surface but he's pretty silvery underneath his tips, so we have yet to see what his final color will be.

I managed to get a touch of sleep this afternoon and got up to head over to Chicks with Sticks. Julie has promised not to rechristen it "Chicks & Dicks with Sticks" just because I'm representing the Y chromosome there, but today I wasn't even the only man. Not only that, The Sheep showed up! So it was extra special, but I still had to cut out a little bit early so that I could get home in time to throw together a salad before we headed down to watch the fireworks across the river in Portsmouth. It was a little chilly down on the water, but at least it kept it from being very buggy.

I'm sure there must be more to tell, but it's time for bed, and I'm sleepy. Next time I'll try to elaborate a bit more on Devanagari and how Firefox fouls it up (and why JoVE got question marks instead of the characters).


sheep#100 said...

Cute cria!

And you got to knit with The Sheep.

Carol said...

That little buy is so cute!
Geez, Mel, you're giving Cute Overload a run for the money.
Well, except for the fecal matter. You very rarely see poo on Cute Overload.

Carol said...

Oh, wow, I just had a great idea. (the minute after I hit send)
Maybe you can find a piece of mouse poo that looks like it has the face of the Virgin Mary in it, sell it on Ebay, and then use the money for your honeymoon!
Brilliant, eh?

pacalaga said...

What a sweet little cria! I want to smooch his nose.

Sheepish Annie said...

How excited was I to see you sitting there last night?! And The Sock as well! I need today to recover from it all. With my summer schedule back in play, it's looking good for me to make it a weekly event. Plus, I get more knitting done there, it seems...

Happy Fourth!

knitnzu said...

What a beautiful little cria! Congratulations! Carol is a riot. First you'd have to seal it in poly or something.

Anonymous said...

Your farm visitor told me she's extremely excited to see the cria :-)

And regarding the possibility of an extra visitor? I'm very sorry. My mother does not know how to say no. Sigh. I wish I were coming down there with her instead.

Do you participate in the Vermont S&W, by the way? I'm going, since it's so close.

And don't be surprised if little person gives you a big hug from me. :-)

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! I just want to give that baby a big hug.

It's was great to knit with you and the Sheep last night! Good time. Unlike the Sheep, however, I don't get more knitting done there; I'm too busy gabbing and trying to listen to all the conversations at once. I wouldn't want to miss anything :-)

Sydney Ran said...

You CAN see mouse poo! I had to enlarge it before I found it, though. Kind of in the shadows.