21 July 2007

Un Amuse-mains

Knitting monogamy is not easy for me, and yet, I have been rather monogamous for the past couple months. I finally broke down, though. With the prospect of working two nights in a row - 30+ hours of work in two days - and sleeping in a tiny overnight room here at the clinic, I decided it was time for a little something easy & mindless. The knitting equivalent of a palate cleanser, if you will. So I picked up a ball of Friendz Blendz I had gotten at Spa from my friends Pogo & Marcia at Friends' Folly Farm and cast on for my first new Dulaan project for 2008.


Just a basic two-layer hat - circular cast on working out to full diameter, then tube, purl turning row, more tube, then decrease to point & cast off, invert one side into the other & voilà. Lots and lots of plain and easy stockinette. I'm kntiting it fairly loosely, so there's been a bit of laddering, but I expect that'll come out in the wash. Because the photo was taken with the cheap work camera, the colors appear horribly washed out.

I like the pointy top because I think it makes the hat look a bit like a stupa.

Deathly Hallows

So the book has officially been released now, and I shall be headed to Portsmouth when I get off work to go pick up my copy, doubtless one of many who shall be waiting in line. I won't be absolutely devastated if I should inadvertently come across a spoiler before I've finished, but I'm hoping not to and trying to avoid it. For those who are planning on getting it but are worried about spoilers, I shall not be posting any information about the plot on this blog. Neither shall any commenters, since those have to get through me first.


Sheepish Annie said...

Those of us who are waiting for the madness to settle down a bit before starting the last HP greatly appreciate your silence on this one! I will probably have to go live in a cave for a week or so just to avoid any discussion of the book. It'll be rough, but worth it in the long run. I'm sure I'll be fine. I'll take some knitting or something.

But you can send pizza if you are so inclined...

knitnzu said...

Don't you love that yarn? That hat does look a bit like a stupa (had to go see pics...). I have a tendency towards yurt shaped hats! We got our copy of THE BOOK this morning. Was going to last night, but couldn't stay awake! The kid has already read past page 100, and I've not read any! They put the first sentence in the newspaper...first word, 'the'! I have spent much of the morning researching blogs, in hopes of moving, and soon!

Anonymous said...

Now that the final book has been released, I'm thinking I just might start reading the series. Yes, I am the only one in the world who has not read a single word of Harry Potter! My daughter loaned me the DVD's of the first 2 movies a couple weeks ago and they remain untouched on the table. What is wrong with me?