06 March 2007

A Quickie

Not much battery power left on the laptop at the moment, so this'll be quick. I managed to get in a little nap at work and got out to see Juliette & Madelyn for a bit. Juliette's first show is coming up in a few weeks and I'm planning on putting her on the sales list (not easy, I'll admit, but I did do this as an investment). She's lovely, as always.


And I blame Elemmaciltur for this one.

Find your Celestial Choir

I also owe Scout some tattoo photos for her tattoo meme, but I don't think the laptop will stay up and running long enough for that tonight.

1 comment:

Sheepish Annie said...

Juliette and Madelyn are lovely and seem to be weathering the chill pretty well. (better than a certain Sheep I could mention...) I can see where it will be hard to put one up for sale, but I'll bet she does well with the buyers!

Off to see what's up with my choir. They seem to have been missing lately!