22 March 2007

NC Photos

Even though I schlepped my fancy schmancy new camera down to North Carolina with me, I was doing so much running around while I was there that I didn't take very many photos. Here are my favorites, though:

Mary, my sister's 5-year-old, tries out a couple different smiles so I can tell her which one to use for her camera pose.



Brian hams it up with my sister's 3-year-old, Alison (aka Ash, because that's the closest approximation of "Alison" that Mary could muster when her sister was born).


Me with Bill's eldest daughter, Amy (While Amy is my dad's first cousin, she's far closer to me in age - only 4 or 5 years older, as I recall. This was the first time we'd seen each other in over 25 years.). And check out that stylin' sweater.


Sydney and myself with Bill


Bill's wife, Carol, has been keeping an online journal for family & friends to keep us updated on Bill's condition. Apparently his breathing has worsened in the past couple days, but not enough to keep him from talking, which is so very typical of Bill. In fact, I had to laugh when I read Carol's post about that, as I expect he'll keep on talking right up until the very end, if at all possible.

Me at the Neurologist's & a Visit with Bikram

Today was kind of a busy day, for all that I don't seem to have accomplished much. The first order of business was a visit to a neurologist to see what we could try for my Restless Legs Syndrome and associated Periodic Limb Movement Disorder. He sent me to the lab to have my iron levels checked, then home with some samples of Requip, so we'll see if that helps. I'm sure David hopes so at least as much as I do, since he's the one who's borne the brunt of my nighttime flailing.

Then this afternoon I hied myself on over to Portsmouth for my first Bikram yoga class. I was just pleased that I managed not to pass out in the heat. Considering that it's been a couple years since I've done any yoga at all, I think I did pretty well, but it really wiped me out for the rest of the evening. And now my back muscles have tightened up again. And my hamstrings were threatening to cramp on me just a bit ago. But I'll try to stick with it and see where it takes me.


JoVE said...

Those are great photos (and a great sweater). I laughed about the talking right up to the end. I suspect someone will say that about me some day, too.

Sheepish Annie said...

Fabulous photos! And I needed the smile today after visiting the mechanic.

Maybe I need to try a little of that Bikram. It might take my mind off my need to beat my vehicle until it bleeds transmission fluid. I think I might be a bit tense...

The sweater looks great!!!!!

knitnzu said...

Stretch dude stretch! And then stretch some more...! Your neicelets are lovely! I had the privelage to be w/ my mom's mom when she died. She was fairly coherent the first day or two after I got there, then not so much for another day or two, then pretty much not there for another day. She was at home w/ my aunt. I had stepped out of the room to check on my son who was watching a harry potter video. Aunt came running into the room crying or laughing with a tissue on her face. I jumped up. No she said, and she told me this story. Grandmother (who we always called Grandmother) had been having those awful raspy end of life breaths. Her mouth was open. She hadn't breathed in some moments. Mom reached over to closer her mouth. Uncle says "Cindy, you can't do that!". And while mom is asking why not, Grandmother sucks in another of those awful breaths. "Because she isn't dead yet". So the three of them (her 3 kids) are laughing and crying. Aunt and I go back into the room. Aunt leans over Grandmother's head and kisses her and says "Mamma go to Daddy. Go to Jesus (she is Xtian)". And you know what? Grandmother died AT THAT INSTANT! A moment of incredible grace.

Anonymous said...

My sister is on Requip for RLS, and it has really helped her. I hope it gives you some relief, too.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love little kids' weird "camera smiles."

Anonymous said...

I find that taking magnesium at bedtime stops my restless legs. One friend swears by calcium, another by potassium. I hope you find something simple that works.

knitnzu said...

Mel! I just tagged you...

Christine said...

LOVE the sweater and the pics of family! What a cutie that little girl is. whew, I think I just started sweating THINKING of doing yoga in the hot hot temps.