14 March 2007

A Non-Jackass Photo?

So I was chatting with my sister online the other night, and we got to talking about my travel plans, since I'm going to be staying with her and the girls while I'm in North Carolina. She asked me to send her a photo of myself, since I'll be arriving before she gets off work, so that the babysitter "doesn't think you're some crazy jackass." I promised to work on tracking down a non-jackass photo to send her, then promptly got busy taking the lasagna out of the oven and trekking upstairs with David to watch 9 to 5, followed by some mad knitting on the sweater. I even grafted one of the underarms - the first time I have ever done Kitchener stitch completely from memory, no crib notes at all, and it turned out just fine.

So I just decided to try to kill the proverbial two birds and get a progress photo of the sweater with me wearing it. I'm far enough along with the raglan decreases that I thought it would be good to gauge how much farther I should go, particularly since I plan on leaving the neck a little more open than a traditional crew neck (no ribbing, for my comfort).It has been a serious insomnia week so far - we're talking separate beds so I don't kick David in the nose with all my thrashing around - so I'm not sure I totally avoided that crazed jackass look (though I think I did manage non-assbeagle), but at least I had an easier time removing my sweater-in-progress than a certain someone I know.


Yoga, Inc.

Speaking of contortions, Norma has gotten me thinking about trying out Bikram yoga. There's a studio in Portsmouth, and they have classes seven days a week plus multiple payment options to fit most any budget. I did Ashtanga yoga for several years while I lived in North Carolina, and it did wonders for my fibromyalgia pain, general flexibility, and muscle tone. After I moved to Pittsburgh to be with S, though, I didn't have very many good options for practice, and then I developed wrist problems. Now I can't do vinyasa at all - my wrists just won't support my weight.

I've known about Bikram yoga, of course, for several years, but Bikram himself always struck me as rather egotistical, which I find very off-putting. I also don't particularly care for his whole franchising scheme and his legal wrangling to lock down the market on "true hatha" yoga. In fact, while looking into his yoga a bit more, I found some clips from this documentary, which will be released this spring. The clips are definitely worth a look-see, and I very much want to see the complete film.

Still, I got to thinking maybe I was taking too much of a baby-with-the-bath approach to it and started looking into the poses. As it turns out, none of the basic poses should require me to bear full weight on my wrists. In fact, most of them don't require any weight-bearing with the hands, so I should be in good shape. Once I start doing it, that is. I asked David for his opinion on it. His response was, "Will it make your ass firmer? If it makes your ass firmer, I'm all for it."*

So I'll be getting my ass over there after I get back from my trip.

*I asked for clarification. He was not implying in any way that my ass is not already firm. Just in case you were wondering.


Anonymous said...

I would have asked for clarification, too. But if you're going to walk around wearing a sweater like that, it's going to be your top end that he's staring at rather than the firm posterior. Holy moly, Mel, you ought to post a warning before you wear that colour, because it sets off your eyes beautifully. I believe "stunning" is the word I'm searching for. Bravo!

Norma said...

Oh, this post was a laugh-a-minute for me. Yes, I think you avoided "assbeagle," and I'm fairly certain the babysitter will not think "jackass" either. "Eccentric"? Maybe. Hahaha.

Tell David the firm-ass thing is a given. And I'm fairly certain he'll like a few of the other side effects, too. Only speaking from my own experience, I'm sayin'.

FemiKnitMafia said...

Good thing you didn't send the babysitter a picture of your firm ass.

And I LOVE the sweater!

knitnzu said...

Very nice sweater, and Lee Ann's right about the color for you. That Garcia is some hot specimen. But somehow I find the pic pretty off-putting...is yoga about the hot bod and showing it off? (well, really it is for all of us, but is it SUPPOSED to be??). Does your sister not have any photos of you? I would have definitely been photoshopping an ass into the picture somehow. So I just ran a quick contest, and in that post I mentioned my question to you about sheep and goat eyes... and now, more of the knit blogging world is wondering what's up with that.

Molly Bee said...

That's a gorgeous sweater! Can't remember if you said what kind of yarn you were using back along, but the shade is lovely. Beautiful work!

Scoutj said...

This just made me totally crack up. And that is looking great!

Liz said...

another one on the list of "this made me laugh out loud in public while using university wifi."

Maybe it's spring - a good time to start new things. I'm going to my second pilates class this evening. Perhaps soon I will figure out what the hell a pilates is.

Have (hope you're having?) a good trip!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you make me want to get back to yoga. I've had the same opinions about Bikram. I only tried it once, after many years of Ashtanga. I remember wishing there were more asana with upper body weight-bearing. (Ashtanga gave me my first arm and shoulder muscles!)

Nowaday, there's no yoga practice, and it's my fault. I don't like the teacher we have at work, but I haven't been motivated enough to do my own practice, primary series, DVD or otherwise!