05 March 2007

Weekend Report

I would have dashed this off earlier, but like Rabbitch, my computer has been on the fritz lately. I'm hoping that a new power cord will do the trick, but I fear it may be a terminal illness (Get it? Computer? Terminal?).

Anyway, David & I drove downeast to my grandmother's Thursday night, the plan being to spend Friday and Saturday driving around and scoping out venues for our wedding, places for guests to stay, possible options for rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch, etc. Friday, of course, looked like this:


We got at least 8" (20cm - don't ask why I know that without doing any calculations), though it was a little difficult to tell with the high winds and drifting. Needless to say, the day was a total wash and we didn't venture out at all.

Saturday was much nicer and we managed a bit of driving around. We were only able to properly visit Three Pines B & B, which is about 15 minutes from my grandmother's in a lovely spot overlooking the water. I'd been wanting to visit them for some time because they're completely off the grid and they have a small farm with a small flock of rare breed sheep. Though too small for the actual event, I think, it may be a good place for David & myself, and perhaps some of our friends with kids, to spend that weekend. David loved it so much that when we got in the car to leave he said, "Forget making a reservation. Let's just see if we can buy them out."

I took several pics of their animals, but my favorite has to be this one of their Shetland ram, Fideles (I think I spelled that right), who is very handsome and very friendly.


I'm Gonna Live Forever, I'm Gonna Learn How To Fly

After my recent mention on the world-famous Cute with Chris show, Chris posted a follow up letter and cute pic from (not of) me on his blog. Chris is not a pal o' mine, to answer knitnzu's question, but a Canadian actor whose work - particularly one film I first saw several years ago - I like very much.

I have Stephen to thank for finding Cute with Chris, because Chris appears in the full length version of the short posted here. He looked vaguely familiar (maybe because my feeble memory remembered the movie, but more likely because, as the staff at work all pointed out, he looks like a veterinarian we all know, incidentally also named Chris), so a little bit of googling brought me to the CWC site, and I was quickly addicted. After all, who can resist a talking plastic horse with apparent gender identity and God issues and animals with laser eyes. Certainly not me.


Cheryl said...

Good picture of the ram! I can't wait for my new lens to get here.

knitnzu said...

Nice shot o your lemon croc's on Chris's blog page! Oh, yes, and the goat is very cute too. And the ram. But what is it with their demon eyes? I'd love a real Dr. Mel vet answer. Is it that they are so tasty and the oddly shaped pupils let in more light to detect predators? Or is it just that they are demon spawn? Or is it that they are hoping to shoot lasers? Love that horse!