06 February 2007

I Plum Fergot

I was originally going to call this post "Punxatawney Schmunxatawney", 'cause that groundhog appears to have been very much in error. It is cold, y'all, and supposed to remain so all week.

Anyway, about the fergettin' thing. KnitNZu asked last week about that online Norwegian radio. It's here. At the moment I'm enjoying their classical channel and looking forward to the end of my busy week in about 3 hours.

A Little Plug

Since nobody had apparently started one yet and since I had a little free time, I started a QueerKnits group on Flickr. So if you have a Flickr account and are so inclined, I'd love a little company in there.

Even a Blind Person Could Have Seen This Coming

Remember Ted Haggard? The megachurch evangelical leader who diddled with the male prostitute and did meth and then got caught? The guy the Jesus freaks wish (and pray) you'd forget? Apparently, Jesus fixed him.

All I've got to say is that his wife better plan on keeping him chained to her side if she expects him to stay "straight". They got queers in Missouri and Iowa, too, ya know. And meth, for that matter - about as much as in Colorado, according to federal data.


Christine said...

OH LORD save us in KC! I actually snorted my green tea out of my nose when I read that good ol' Ted was thinking of coming to town. cripes! Can us friends of queer knits join in on the flickr? I'll even model the rainbow sweater I knit last week!

Anonymous said...

I read this elsewhere, and I didn't get it that it was Jesus that fixed him, but 3 years worth of intensive psychotherapy crammed into 3 weeks.

Anyway, he and his wife are now going to study psychology. One wonders what they'll do with that.

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm freezing here!!! But I'm not so cold that my brain has frozen and I'm buying Mr. Haggard's line of bull. I think that the powers-that-be probably have better things to do than deal with his deep denial. Puh-leeeeeez!!!!

knitnzu said...

Mel, thanks for the link to Norwegian radio! I may have to sign up for that link to see exactly how ted was fixed...just that thought "ted got fixed" brings up ideas of all kinds of appropriate justice. I don't think those chains work, ya know?

Franklin said...

Do you think if I asked nicely Jesus would fix my iPod?

Anonymous said...

I like what Jon Stewart had to say about the matter: no doubt they "cured" him the same way your daddy did when he caught you smoking a cigarette at age 10.

That little frisson you feel? That would be Freud talking. God love smart comics.