19 February 2007

Mmmmm, Spelty

For the last several months, David & I have belonged to a local food co-op, or buying club. This is not a co-op like most of you are probably familiar with, where there is a brick-and-mortar building and the general public can come and buy items. We're just one of a group of households that place an order together once a month and then meet up at one member's house when the delivery truck comes.

This has generally a good thing for us since, although our local supermarket actually has a reasonably good natural foods section, it allows us to buy a lot of the foods we eat regularly at lower prices than we get at the supermarket. The downside is that we often have to buy these foods by the case or in institutional size packages, which poses a bit of a challenge for a family of two in a tiny house. The current challenge is figuring out ways to use up a 25 pound bag of organic, whole grain spelt flour. These dinner rolls were a good start.


Tomorrow there will be a loaf of No Knead Bread.

Sweater Progress

I finally finished the first sleeve and attached it to the body!


Little milestones like this are so encouraging. It makes me feel like I might actually finish this and get to wear it before next winter. Maybe.


Carol said...

Sweater looks great! It's such a beautiful, vivid color. I bet you're done before the Ides of March.

Scoutj said...

Those rolls look yummy. So does the sweater!

FiberQat said...

Have you ever tried making pasta out of spelt? Or tortillas? Give it a shot.

knitnzu said...

lots of bread! Oh, and it's good in dog biscuits too.