07 February 2007

Did You Feel It?

That preternatural rumbling? It all originated from this very house. I was trying to keep my eyes open and get a few things done before I collapsed in a post-work heap. Then it happened and David flew into the room. "Hurry! Where's your camera?" Forget all that Antichrist bullshit, folks, because this is the First Seal:


Sylvie - our angst-ridden middle child, the Eve Plumb of our little blended family, the one who cries and purrs and begs for attention, then runs away screaming and hissing and smacking whomever happens to be in her way - was not only lying next to Poqui of her own volition, she was touching him! And a little while later, when I went upstairs to sleep, I saw this:


Practically cuddling!

The End, my friends, is nigh.

Groundhogs Lie

Who's the smarty pants who thought it would be a good idea to leave weather prediction up to a rodent? Single digit temps are predicted tonight with sub-zero wind chills through the rest of the week. It's also so dry that it feels like someone's been sandpapering the inside of my nose, and it appears that the steroid spray I'm on for chronic sinusitis has gotten me a throat infection for my week off. Is all this making me cranky? Yes, it is.

Clarification & Promotion

David wanted me to be sure to tell everyone that the Alpaca with a Twist logo, which I showed in this post, was his work with the exception of the cartoony alpaca. That part he didn't like, but it's not his company and he was overruled.

I think there was something else he wanted me to write that I can't remember, but one thing that I did want to mention is that his company is participating in a drive to supply alpaca socks to US troops in Iraq, where nighttime temperatures are getting pretty chilly. More info and links are on his website here.

Oh yeah, I just remembered. We figured out that it was not, in fact, the Republican who was wearing David's items on The View. Joy Behar was wearing one of David's scarves.


Elemmaciltur said...

I see, you have a week off....it seems you are posting more than usual. :-)

Anonymous said...

Aww, sweet kitties :)

Anonymous said...

Boy, it's a good thing you have David there to keep everything straight for you.

JoVE said...

The kitties are gorgeous. And I think the rodent only said that winter would not last 6 more weeks. I guess we are getting short and severe?

Have you checked out Norma's methods of dealing with sinus issues? If the steroids are causing more problems, they might be worth looking into.

SaraSkates said...

she's cuddling b/c she's cold. :D

knitnzu said...

Well, I'm glad the scarf was on Joy. She has the charisma to showcase it. We had two dogs that on first meeting wanted to kill each other, pretty literally, 40 pounds each of teeth and snarls. Quite a few adjacent walks (on leashes) and they could tolerate each other. Then dh (then db) and I cohabitated, and the dogs were forced to coexist. They only rarely behaved like your kiddos. We considered laying down within 2 feet of each other pretty amazing. But the constant threat of death and blood and mayhem went away, mostly! Interesting turtle tile, what's that about?

Sheepish Annie said...

We may be OK on the whole end-of-the-world thing. My two are still at odds. In fact, the hatred quite rampant when I arrived home tonight.

Feel better!

FiberQat said...

Sorry, no apocalypse is due. My Maisie refuses to lie with Buster without giving him a good smack.

I was reading in the NY Times that large animal vets are getting rarer and rarer because of money versus wrestling with creatures that could crush you just by leaning against a wall. Do you strictly treat alpacas as your large animal du jour or do you also treat other large animals in your practice?