17 November 2006



The quiche, she is a versatile dish, non? Mix most anything with eggs and cheese and bake it in a pie shell - nice and easy dinner-in-a-pinch. Tonight it was mushrooms, onions, garlic, veggie sausage and spinach. Delicious.

I have been doing things other than cooking this week, as well. In fact, I've had enough to do that I haven't had much time for blogging about it. Sleep is one of those things, as it's always good to catch up on that. I continue working on the holiday knitting, albeit slowly.

The other big project I've been working on this week is turning a fleece from the resident Shetland sheep, Posey, into something useful. This has turned out to be rather a big task, as Posey doesn't exactly live on verdant pastures. Rather, she shares her space with four rather rough-and-tumble pygmy goats, and said space is kind of short on grass. This means that a lot of the fleece is not usable, but I have managed thus far to spin up nearly enough to ply. This is the nearly-full second bobbin:


It's been an opportunity for me to practice woolen spinning and long draw. I'm not expecting the most even of yarns, but I should have something nice enough to turn into a hat for landlady Paula to wear while she's doing her farm chores in the winter. I'm finding that I didn't get the grease out well enough when I scoured, though. It's nice enough for my hands while I'm combing/carding/spinning, but I can see I'll have to use plenty of detergent when I wash the skeins.

There has been more going on this week, of course, but most of it has been of the mundane. I had some additional allergy testing done on Tuesday, which was again all negative - though I did have a lovely delayed hypersensitivity reaction to Candida, which I shall be kind enough not to share photos of. We also spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get David's pickup out of the mud after transporting a few alpacas for his office manager. Suffice to say that we need to invest in a good tow rope to keep handy if we're going to be doing any more of that.

Tomorrow we are off to Boston for the evening. David's friend Don will be in town for a conference, so we're going down for dinner and possibly a visit to the MFA. Hopefully the weather will have improved by the time we get down there. It's damned blustery out tonight.


knittingboykit said...

The quiche is gorgeous.

Tow chains!!! I was walking up the stairs of the hospital parking complex the other day, and saw a burly workman in a hard hat, boots and reflective vest, towing chains hanging over his shoulder. It took me a minute to figure out what they were, but in any case, it was a pretty hot moment!

Sheepish Annie said...

Mmm...that quiche looks fab! And I love the veggie sausage. I use it to make breakfast sandwiches for traveling sustenance on the way to work.

Your woolen spinning looks great and quite even. Much better than mine!