09 November 2006

Holiday Plans

We booked our holiday trip the other night. I have to work both Christmas night and New Year's Eve, but I'm off the days in between, so we're going to Minnesota to visit David's friends Mike & Sue and their kids in lovely, chilly Brainerd and hopefully visit some of my friends in the Twin Cities. There may even be a brief side trip to South Dakota to see David's parents, but he says it depends on whether his mother behaves*.

If you're not quite sure whether you've ever heard of Brainerd, it used to be known for this:

These days, though, it's best known for this**:

I intend to stay well clear of any woodchippers.

*They belong to the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, which is a fundamentalist sect. His dad's not too bad but doesn't quite seem to get it. His mother tries to pretend I don't exist, which is, of course, problematic if we're going to visit them.

**I realize this may be confusing to those who may not have seen the movie, or who have forgotten the plot, or who just weren't paying attention, but very little of the movie
Fargo actually takes place in Fargo.


Norskybear said...

We passed by Brainerd when I was a kid and, even then, I thought Paul Bunyan was hot! (Must have been the beard and flannel shirt.)

If you want to visit a friendly family, cross the border and visit mine in Brandon. My mom will make you Yorkshire pudding to go with the roast beef.

Jan said...

I say skip David's parents. If they can't love him for who is, and thus love you for being in his life, then I say skip them. I have three sons, and they are my babies and I love them and always will. I love them unconditionally, and if David's parents cannot or will not do the same for him, then as much as it hurts, skip them. (JMHO)

When it gets cold here, which it's due to be again starting tomorrow, I wear my "Death by Alapaca" socks that you made me. I think of you daily and keep you and David in my prayers.

Sheepish Annie said...

Remember when holidays used to be fun and not all full of obligations and tension? ::sigh::

Still, I guess it's what you make of it. Just because David's mom hasn't quite figured out what the season is all about doesn't mean that you can't celebrate it in the way it was meant! Bring some nice knitting...keeping the hands busy helps to decrease the chances for rude gestures.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in MN for 32 of my 39 years, and can you believe I've never visited Paul Bunyan? Shocking. However, since I'm from Austin, MN, birthplace of SPAM, I do have my own claim to MN fame.

Dena said...

Oh, that creepy animatronic Paul B. gave me nightmares as a child.