30 November 2006

Meme-alicious! Memelectable, even!

First of all, because Cate said so (and because [insert one or more obscenities] Flickr won't let me [insert even more obscenities] log in to show you cute 'paca pics).

go here and link it to your blog.

then "ping" here.

And then I have elemmaciltur to thank for this:

All things considered, cuddles can be a pretty potent superpower. Maybe W should try cuddling Mahmoud Ahmedinejad (or vice versa), even though the thought of it is kind of creepy. I could have done worse, like the head tech at work who claimed last night to have "psychopathic powers".


Stupid Flickr decided to work long enough for me to access the latest photo of Juliette, which was taken on Monday. It's about time, as it was starting to get pretty obscene around here (well, not if you're used to reading a certain other blog, but relatively speaking). I digress.


Adorable, no? She's also getting more and more grey in her fleece, which is very exciting. Dark rose grey, particularly this dark, is a very uncommon color, and one that we very much like to see. I'm not sure if the show judges will like it so much come spring, but I'm pleased.


Anonymous said...

Well, of course a guy who raises cuties like that slays the masses with cuddles. I mean, really, how cold and calculating could you be, surrounded by little warm fuzzies?

Man, I wish there was such thing as a balcony alpaca.

Anonymous said...

AWWW I want one. Do they house train? I know a goat that does and they are smarter than goats.

SaraSkates said...

I mis-read Lee Ann and thought she was wishing for "baloney alpaca" - ewwww! But that alpaca babe sure is adorable. The rose gray sounds delectable. Way more so than any form of bologna...

Anonymous said...

Juliette is just beautiful!!! And I suspect she may know that...I can see it in her eyes.

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Thanks for sharing the pic!