24 December 2007

Warm Fuzzies

Here's Tuck's finished sweater:


This is actually the second finishing. When I cast off the first time, the neckline sat way down on his shoulders. David said it looked "boatneck-y", and I said it looked like he was ready for a competition at Muscle Beach. So I picked up stitches, undid the cast off - not easy, since I did EZ's sewn cast-off - and turned it into a turtleneck. The final product is quite dashing, don't you think? And he really does love wearing it.

I basically knit this one on the fly, and I'm already thinking about construction details for the next one. His barrel chest and broad shoulders definitely pose some design issues, but David suggested a long-sleeved one and, of course, I'm now compelled to rise to the challenge.

Holiday Wishes

I'm actually off for both Christmas Eve and day this year, so David and I will be going out to dinner and having our little Christmas for two on the eve, then heading to my parents' for Christmas Day. When I get off work this morning I shall be going out for breakfast with Franklin and Sue. We're shooting for a somewhat brunchier hour, so that I have time to deal with any last-minute cases that might come along and so that David can hopefully drive up to join us. We did this last Christmas Eve and really had a nice time.

My hope for all of you out there in Blogland is that you have company this holiday season that is every bit as wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Tuck looks very sporty in his sweater. But I think he needs shorts too, so he can stop freezing further down.
It warms my heart that a rescue dog has found a new loving home. The earth need many more persons like you...

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, so cuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!! (I've got that really high pitched, swooning voice going on right now that is usually not good to use with young dogs..you might want to put down some paper.) Tuck is going to be the best-dressed dog in the state!

Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy that time off. :)

Anonymous said...

Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day off? How did you manage that? I'm happy that you get both days off; sounds like you have good plans to enjoy them!

Tuck looks wonderful in his beautiful sweater.

Merry Christmas to you and David :-)

bjrest said...

Merry Christmas to you and David and a Happy, Healthy and Safe 2008.Tuck is the cutest..... love the sweater! How lucky he is to have joined such a great family!


Anonymous said...

He's so cute in his sweater - I'm glad to hear that he's settling in! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Laritza said...

That is one cute puppy with a very cute sweater!

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is really the cutest thing. A new sweater for your new addition.

Congrats! and Merry Christmas!

knitnzu said...

He is such a manly little man! I made legwarmers once to go on the hind end of a dog in a sweater...they didn't work that well though. Maybe some construction like Chinese tots learning to toilet wear? Enjoy your time off. And tell Franklin that he looks like such a tough guy with attitude in his blog picture, but in person he is warm, welcoming, and entertaining (I told him the pig story).

Anonymous said...

Should we spin up some big dog fur for you little dog's next sweater?? I'm looking forward to meeting him!