06 December 2007


This one is especially for Stephen. This little guy was confiscated in a raid on a local puppy mill a few months back. The state has moved really quickly on getting this case through the courts - likely because they now have 300 or so dogs that they're paying to take care of. He just got neutered today and stayed the night for us to watch because he's a got a wicked heart murmur (grade 5 out of 6, with 6 being the loudest). I don't even know if he has a name.

Otherwise, tonight's been mostly a night for catching up on some sock knitting. I'm working on the heel to the first Hundertwasser sock (using the Sherman short row technique. I had actually done the heel over the weekend and figured out when I finished that I needed to add another inch and a half to the foot. That'll teach me to be optimistic.


Unknown said...

God, I'm turning into such a softy.

I can't imagine how abuse/neglect could happen to such a lovely puppy.

Please hug that little beauty for me.

Sheepish Annie said...

Omigosh!!! What a little sweetie!!!

We here at the Sheepish House For Wayward Creatures are big fans of heart murmurs. We all have 'em! The Big, Fluffy Kitty is a 4, The Smaller, Less Fluffy Kitty clocked in at about a 3 last time and no one will give me a number for mine. (I don't see a vet...)

We all just sit around asking how everyone else's heart is doing...

Sean said...

I get sick to my stomach when I hear about puppy mills.

My little guy had to have a keratotomy today. I hope that will take care his eye and get us closer to losing the Elizabethan collar.

Paul said...

What a sweet dog!

hizKNITS said...

What a cutie... if he wants a sister, Janie Sparkles and I'd fly out to Maine in a heartbeat and take him to SF!

Otherwise, I hope the State gets in touch with French Bulldog Rescue Network to find him a home closer to you.

Rub his ears and nuzzle that perfectly-shaped human-nose-sized pocket between his eyes for me.

Sam said...

I want one! What a cutie!