10 December 2007

You Could've Knocked Me Over with a Feather

Last night I showed David & Don the video of the frenchie I posted here. And then I showed them this video of Janie Sparkles, which is just too precious for words.

Then David said, "If you can find one without any major health issues who's good with cats, I'd be okay with you bringing one home." So I guess on my way home from work Wednesday, I'll be stopping by the shelter that's currently housing the frenchies to get a better look at them (FYI, Stephen, they're in the process of coordinating foster homes with Frenchie Rescue). It's by no means a done deal, since a lot of these dogs have issues and frenchies don't always do well with cats, but we'll see what comes of it.


Just to clear up any confusion, cockaigne is an English word derived from (presumably Norman) French, so I pronounce it as rhyming with the modern English pronunciation of champagne.


knitnzu said...

Yeah, but don't those Normans have horrendously Englishly accented French? Love your little tree. Here's a hint... dig a hole before the ground freezes! (but, maybe what difference, because you can't really plant it in the frozen soil). The pic you put up looks very decorated, trick of the light? No need to be blaming anybody else for the warps and twists in your mind...

KiwiJames said...

I can't imagine ever being without at least one pet at home (and I don't mean my partner although he does respond well to petting) I hope you find a dog that meets your criteria in time for Christmas.

As for pronounciations... it's alsways more fun when there could be a double meaning. That's when I'm excited about something I call it being "Cock-a-hoop"... just because it sounds more naughty than innocent these days.

Scoutj said...

Oh I can't wait to see if you find one!