20 January 2007

Lazarus, Come Forth!

Brenda is back! After a distressingly long hiatus, she's got a brand new episode of Cast On up just for your listening pleasure. And, well, I even got a little mention.

The other night I was catching up on some old CBC Radio 3 podcasts, and heard a song by the band Birds of Wales. They're these cute Canadian guys and they're really cute and, um, oh yeah, they also play some nice tunes. In fact, I thought their sound was right up Brenda's alley, and their name, of course, was a natural fit. So I e-mailed her to make the suggestion and lemme tell ya, she wasted no time at all. So check them out, as well as a nice interview with Lucy Neatby, about whose DVD's everyone is raving lately (I wonder if they're available on Netflix?).

Another long overdue return to the Knitternet is Celtic Knitter, who was apparently stuck in cubicle hell for far too many months. He was missed and we are glad to have him back.

Here in my world, I've had a bit of a setback in getting my sleep issues sorted. The sleep study I had scheduled for next week was cancelled on me. They decided my issues weren't well-documented enough for insurance to cover the study (Duh! That's why I wanted the study!), and oh, we really just do sleep apnea. So after consultation with the physician's assistant, we are pursuing referral to a neurologist who deals with sleep stuff.

My hope is that we'll be able to do something without resorting to drugs, but from what I can find, I'm not sure if there are many good options going that route. The last two mornings, though, I've woken up to find David sleeping on the mattress pad because my thrashing around in my sleep has been keeping him up, so clearly something has to be done.

On the knitting front, work continues apace on the comfy sweater. Only about 18 more rounds to go on the body, and then I can set that aside to work on the sleeves. There are times when being relatively long of torso and broad of chest is disadvantageous, and this would be one of them. Still, there's a lot of winter yet to go, and I really, really want this sweater

Tomorrow, I try to tackle and conquer my desk space, which has become overrun with odds, ends, and numerous UFO's and stash escapees. It will almost certainly mean some time spent in the frog pond. Wish me luck!


Sheepish Annie said...

I moved my desk into the spare bedroom and shut the door. It was easier than cleaning it.

Good luck with the ongoing sleep issues. How sad that the study didn't work out. But, I'm sure that a solution is out there...hang in!

Anonymous said...

In my experience, thrashing was controlled (more or less) by muscle relaxants. Sleep apnea in some cases can be controlled by drugs, more commonly by the use of a CPAP machine.

Good luck getting the correct diagnosis.

Anonymous said...

Another example of why dogs are better than cats....




Tallguy said...

I have been finding that I don't get much sleep these days either, but that is merely a case of working too much and not having enough night left for sleeping. However, this weekend, I slept until noon! I was so amazed, and happy... it was wonderful!

Maybe you need to settle into a routine. And if you can't sleep, just get up and do something productive! I find cleaning very therapeutic, and sleep-inducing! And you can always knit on that never-ending sweater!

If you are thrashing around so much, do you think if David held you tight all night that you might settle down? At least, it's worth a try! hehe