07 January 2007

I Told You My Feet Were Big

So here's the first sock completed:


I finished it up early Saturday morning at work, all except for darning in the ends, because I'm not sure where my needles have gone. After I finished it, I decided to see how much it weighed and make sure I had enough yarn before casting on for sock #2. The finished sock is 61.8g, and the amount of yarn remaining in the ball is 51g. Naturally.

So I stopped by the LYS on my way home from work to see if they had any of the Bearfoot yarn in 'Ruby River' colorway. No such luck. No big problem, as a quick call to the Yarn Basket (aka, the Yarn Closet) over in Portsmouth and they set one aside for me.

The hardest part of that little trip was finding parking, as the ungodly warm weather (69ºF/20ºC - W!!T!!F!!) had people out in summer-sized crowds. After driving around about three times as long as it takes me to drive from home to Portsmouth, I found a spot and parked. When I got to the closet shop, there were five adult human beings crammed inside. My arrival meant that one of them had to leave so that I could fit. The purchase was otherwise uneventful, though, and I drove home sweltering in my already-light-for-the-season sweatshirt. As this yarn is handpainted, it's a little bit of a crapshoot as to how closely the two socks are going to match up, but I figure it's not as critical an issue with variegated yarns in the first place. It'll be close enough, and before long I'll have the first pair of socks I've made for myself.

Belated Xmas Photo

I'm not quite sure what's taken me so long to get around to photographing this, but play yarn arrived for me today from Halcyon Yarn, so I sat down and warped the inkle loom to play around a bit and get an idea for setting it up to do some basic patterns. Next step will be teaching myself how to do pick-up patterns and actually get beyond plain bars and stripes a bit.



Scoutj said...

I keep saying it's Bizzaro World. I moved here to NM from New England to escape the kind of weather we've had in the last month. It's crazy.

The sock is really nice. I like that color. Good thing they have another one for you. That would have been such a bummer!

Carol said...

Gorgeous socks! I'm fascinated to see how the loom works out. Hope your eye is better, too.

Norma said...

Yes.....we DO know what it means when a man has big feet. Ahem.

Anonymous said...

Snow! We all want it. Or at least for the mud to freeze. Is Hallowell any closer to you than Portsmouth? LYS there has mtn color sock yarn, and has had (though may no longer) the ruby river. good luck matching, but, hey, they're socks. You have the crusty eye? Or is it better?

Sheepish Annie said...

Wish I'd had the foresight to weigh my sock yarn after finishing sock the first. I'm just crossing my fingers that there will be a mate.

Love the inkle loom! What fun!

knittingboykit said...

big feet = (giggle) BIG SOCKS!!!

Anonymous said...

"Yarn Closet", ha! So true. I drove downtown on Saturday, spent ages looking for a parking spot, then figured I might as well just park back at home and walk in. I needed the exercise anyway.

JoVE said...

I think that is the same colour as my socks!

When I'm worried about whether I will have enough yarn, I separate the skein at the beginning into two equal balls (weigh what is unwound as I wind a ball on the winder) and knit toe up until I run out.

Elemmaciltur said...

Hiya, you've been tagged!

Christine said...

Hope the eye is feeling better today! The sock is luscious, the loom is even cooler. Enjoy and keep posting pics of what you create on that thing!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm surprised that 5 people fit in the Yarn Basket! I find it very difficult to shop there - too closed in.

Love the sock.