27 October 2006

Real Men Don't Just Eat It

Life post-Rhinebeck has pretty much settled into its usual routine. This is the middle of my scheduled 5 day break from work, which happens every 3 weeks and which gives me a chance to catch up on things that get put off the rest of the time. Yesterday's task was to finish up planting the flower beds, since the last of the bulbs I'd ordered arrived over the weekend. Out of the huge pile of siberian irises I dug up, it only took two clumps separated out to replant the front beds in their entirety, which means I still have a huge pile of irises to get rid of. I will seriously send some to anyone who is willing to pay the postage.

One of the interesting things about gardening around an old house like this is that things always turn up, like this:


It appears to be a game piece of some sort, but it's definitely not a game I recognize. My guess is circa 1930's or 1940's, but it could just as easily be from later in a retro style. Anybody know the answer?

So after getting nice and dirty, I scrubbed myself up and set about making dinner:


I do so love it, but it was really David's idea to begin with.


...was spent in part running errands and doing a bit of essential shopping, with Buddhist meditation at the Unitarian church this evening - the first time I've managed to make it in almost two months. I did, however, manage to do this:


This is the first finished yarn spun on the Hitchhiker. It's from the Shetland I got at Rhinebeck from Stonesthrow Farm, the same place I got the yarn for these last year. It turned out quite soft and I'm very pleased with it. Now I need to figure out what color(s) to dye it and what to make with it.

And for no other reason than it was amusing, I offer this:


Tolo decided that his game for the evening would be playing with the flap on the trash can. He hadn't done that for a while, so I thought he might have outgrown it. It appears I was wrong.


Elemmaciltur said...

Hehehe, your cat's funny. :-p

Anonymous said...

That shetland looks nice. I've not spun any of it yet. I think I've just been put off by the double coat.

The quiche looks good enough to eat. I'm going to have to ask my sweetie if she'll make some this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I like the niddy-noddy. Who's the maker?

Anonymous said...

My partner, who is French, really does not understand at all how anyone could say that real men don't eat quiche...making them is the equivalent of boiling water, to him. Yep, I got a good one :-)

Yours looks fantastic...what's in it?

Anonymous said...

I once baked a quiche for man I was trying to woo. It was the first time he had been to my house for dinner, and I was more than a little nervous. Anyway, as I was putting the quiche into the preheated over, I managed to scorch my hand, which cause me to dump all the cheesy eggy filling out into the oven, where it immediately began to burn and smoke.

We ended up going out for pizza.

SaraSkates said...

Too funny re Tolo - and the quiche looks fabulous!!! So it's mushroom, and...????

Chris said...

No clue what that game piece/toy is, but it's cool. It looks in really good shape.

Hee hee - that's a fun picture of Tolo!

Islagringo said...

Since nobody else seemed to know...the game piece is from an early version of Monopoly. From the '50's if I remember correctly.