06 October 2006

Another Busy Day, a Hat for Dulaan, & a Bit of a Rant

Today was mostly filled with various small tasks and busy work. David's new office manager has been keeping him busy decluttering for the past week and a half, so while they were sorting through several years' worth of accumulated boxes I did a couple minor IT tasks David was afraid to take on. I finally decided to sit down, though, and finish up a hat for Dulaan I've had languishing on the needles for nearly two months now, I think. I particularly like the little I-cord nubbin on top.


Dena asks on her blog today, "Where do you get your patterns?" I have to say that I make them up myself, probaby better than 90% of the time. Even when I use a published pattern, I usually only use it as a basic template and make my own adaptations to it - much as I do with my cooking. The hat above is fairly basic - seed stitch band, stockinette with double decreases, etc. - but I basically decided how I was going about it as I went along, and it turned out rather nice, I think. More importantly, it turned out warm.


It is no surprise that the Republicans are turning to their tried-and-true method of bashing all queer folk to deflect the hypocrisy of their turning a blind eye to the closet case in their midst. Of course, I'm talking about the Mark Foley case, or as the press has now dubbed it, "Foleygate" (Why in the hell do they feel this compulsion to try to make everything sound like Watergate? It annoys me greatly).

Of course, right-wing pundits have trotted out the same-old, same-old argument of homosexuality=pedophilia. True, at least some of these pages were apparently below the age of consent in this country, but they were not pre-pubertal, which to me says what he did was not pedophilic. Stupid, yes. Highly inappropriate, yes. But not pedophilia.

That's about the only thing I can say in Foley's defense. Age of consent laws are, at best, problematic, as they are an arbitrary construct. I've known some 16-year-olds who were more grown up than some 50-year-olds (Foley is a good case in point, actually). Adding one more candle to one's birthday cake does not magically bring maturity fully-fledged, but the law is designed to protect children from predatory adults and on the whole there tends to be a correlation between age and emotional maturity, so some sort of line has to be drawn somewhere. Clearly, though, Foley was in a position of power and abused that position at least to engage in overtly sexual conversation with boys/young men who were more than young enough to be his children.

What is more disgusting to me, though not particularly surprising, is all the patently feigned horror coming from the Republican leadership. It is fairly clear that they knew what Foley was up to and they just let it slide. As long as he was a self-hating homo who voted to bash the homos along with them, then they were content to pretend none of it was happening. Now that they've been caught out, however, it's a mad rush to see who can bash the most and the loudest.

Just how morally bankrupt do they have to be before people stop voting for them?


Anonymous said...

I am totally with you on the Foley thing! It really pisses me off that many ignorant people equate homosexuals with pedophiles. From what I understand, most pedophiles are NOT gay! GAWD, don't get me started.

Love the little baby hat. I've got to get started on some Dulaan projects myself.

Sean said...

I think it's just that, the morally corrupt DO vote for them. That way they don't have to examine their lives.

Christine said...

Amen! Lordy, I try not to get going, it makes me sick. The preachiest of the bunch are usually the most corrupt and unethical of all. It's always a rush to find the best scapegoat.
It's amazing how far people can go to not see what's right in front of them. cripes.

Have a good weekend anyway! Enjoy the pretty weather and beautiful sights.

Anonymous said...

Very cute cap. Is that a bit of icord at the top?

KnitnZu said...

I'm with Sean, I think people vote mostly for those who are morally corupt...but make a lot of noise about not being so. Remember Jimmy Carter? Probably the only president I can remember who was honest about his morals, and he got blasted for it. Let's not even go to the pedophile/ gay thing...makes me just nuts. Cute hat. I have just one done for Dulaan(picture on my last blog enry), am rushing w/ other projects (the wedding gift for tomorrow's wedding that I started on Tuesday...), then will make some more hats for Dulaan. I have a fondness for yurt shaped hats...

knittingboykit said...

The republicans keep getting voted in because we are a capitalist society--it's all about money =( Cute hat, tho! Not sure how you surviv the work/CE weekend!

Jan said...

Nice hat.

And previous comments are right, the vast majority of pediphiles are hedrosexual males!

The whole foley thing, well I think that the fact that it is getting so much nonesence press--alot of unproductive hot air IMHO-- is simply a matter of it being an election year. Republicans want to appear to be doing something about it to win votes (notice I said APPEAR and not DO). Most were buddy buddy with foley and now deny it. And come on, most of them knew it was happening, but pretend not to have.

You're right, in appropriate behavior but not pediphilic. Age is arbitrary, it's just the number of years since birth, not a note of maturity.

Anonymous said...

D'uh, your post said it was an i-cord on top, didn't it? It seems I need to work on my reading comprehension skills.