05 October 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

The past week has been, well, pretty much insane. Since my last post I have 1) attended a two-day alpaca medicine continuing education course (Saturday & Sunday), 2) worked all night Saturday night (That's right. I left the CE course for work, then worked a night from hell, then went back for another day of CE.), 3) Did some health checks and other alpaca work after Sunday's CE sessions, 4) worked Monday night - busy-ish, but much more sane than Saturday, 5) Stayed up all day Tuesday taking care of paperwork to set up an LLC for doing my little alpaca medicine sideline thing, then 6) did some ultrasounds on some of the landladies' girls, 7) got up early this morning to see my primary doctor's physician's assistant about getting my wrists evaluated for arthritis, 8) went to see David's allergist in the afternoon to see if she could do something about my chronic post-nasal drip that nobody else has seemed to be able to help (For the third time, now, I tested negative for everything on allergy testing. She thinks it may just be structural, though, so a nose job might possibly be in my future.), and 9) made a follow up visit for Sunday's health checks.

Somewhere in there, I actually did manage a little sleep. By the time I went to bed Sunday night, though, I had been up - a very fitful hour's nap at work excepted - for something like 40 hours. I'm not quite sure how the nap managed to happen, as I saw 21 cases at work Saturday night - 6 more than the Upper Limit of Reasonable Caseload*. One-third of my night was spent just doing paperwork, and it's only because I've been doing this for a long time and can multitask and prioritize well that there wasn't more than a two hour wait.

In all of this hustle and bustle, there has been no more progress on Sock Wars. I've not yet been killed off, but I just haven't had much time, for one thing, and have been trying to give my wrists a little rest (see above about the arthritis thing - I see a hand surgeon next week to evaluate them, but there'll be no cutting done if I can help it). My first target received her Socks of Doom today, though, and my next target is actually someone whose blog I've read on occasion, plus she's "a member of the church", so I'm kind of hoping my assassin (or at least I think she's my assassin - one can never be sure about these things) will continue to be slow. It's so much nicer to be killed by family, don't you think?

* After years of painstaking research, I concluded that the Upper Limit of Reasonable Caseload (ULRC) in my particular milieu is an average of one case per hour over the course of a shift. As I work 15-hour shifts, this gives an ULRC of 15 cases. These are rarely evenly distributed, seeming to prefer to arrive in waves, but as long as ULRC is not exceeded, manageability seems to be maintained.

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Chris said...

Heh, interesting to see that you're Carrie's assassin....