18 September 2010

A Fortunate Non-crisis


Last night I noticed I was nearing the end of the current ball of yarn I'm working from for the vest-in-progress, and it struck me that I couldn't remember if this was the 2nd or 3rd ball of the four I have. Since the yarn is a one-off dyejob I got from Nanney Kennedy last year at Rhinebeck, and there were only 4 skeins to be had, I started to get a little nervous. After all, I'm still about 4 inches from the armholes, and we all know how much yarn the cabling takes up.

So I got home from work and quickly looked and found one lone ball of yarn. Curses! I love this yarn - the color is pretty true in the photo, very denim-y - and really want to have this particular vest in this particular yarn. Visions of having to frog the whole thing back and starting from scratch on this project were swirling in my head as I went to bed and got a fitful day's sleep. When I got up this evening, though, I had a slightly more thorough look and, sure enough, found the 4th ball fallen down under a bit more of the clutter that is my yarn room. Crisis averted!

Just to make sure, though, I did a quickie calculation and determined that by the time I reach the armholes I should be right at 2/3 of the yarn used. Once I figure in the armhole decreases and the V-neck shaping, that should give me just enough to finish this project. I hope.


Chris said...


Michelle M. said...

I'm certain it will be beautiful : ).

Karena said...

Yay, I only wish I could knit. I would love a very soft wool throw out of a cable knit for winter!!

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Jim said...

Nice job and lucky for you to find the other skein.
I'm working on a cable throw I started last winter.....will have to get back to it and finish it, now that the cooler temps are here.

Anonymous said...

What a great vest that will be! That clutter can be a beast.

Sheepish Annie said...

I love it when that last ball of yarn suddenly materializes!