02 September 2009


Sunday night, in those few hours between David's bedtime and mine, I noticed that I was starting to feel kind of congested and the back of my throat was getting raw. I hadn't had a cold all summer, which is a bit unusual, so I figured it was just a nasty one making up for lost time. It made sleep a bit fitful, but otherwise didn't seem too bad.

Monday brought an afternoon of errands trying to get things done before heading back to work on Tuesday, and then a bit of carpentry trying to press on with the chicken coop, which has languished over the past month. The congestion and sore throat were about the same, but I noticed that I was also starting to feel more achy and light-headed. No fever, though, so I figured I'd just overdone it a bit, had a nice hot bath and a relaxing evening.

Then a while after David had gone to bed, I noticed that I was feeling warmer than I had earlier. Now there was a definite fever, and this was clearly something more than just a cold. So I called in sick to work about 15 hours early so they could get a quick start on finding coverage (since we don't have any sort of backup plan in place for this like we ought), and made plans to go get tested for swine flu. Not because it would change treatment, mind you, but it's The Big Thing at the moment from a public health standpoint and it's the kind of data epidemiologists like to have. I also happen to be taking a class this semester on disease surveillance, so it's even more topical for me.

Anyway, it's been considerably milder than the last time I had flu, with the fever breaking overnight and staying at bay through the day today. Tonight's fever was milder than last night's, too, so I seem to be on the mend quite quickly, though dragging myself to the hospital to get my nostrils swabbed pretty well wiped me out and required a few hours' nap.

I wasn't entirely unproductive, though. The last few days have definitely been autumnal, so it's back to sweater weather for Tuck. David found the second sweater I made for him yesterday and put it on him. It's a nice sweater, but it's always been problematic because it's slipped down his shoulders Flashdance style and then right off his short legs until it's hanging on him like a skirt. I still had part of a ball of the C220 colorway I used for the neck, so I took it off of him for a few minutes today and chain crocheted around the neckline, picking up 3 of every 4 stitches around to pull it in a bit more. You can barely even tell that the crochet is there unless you look closely, and it's really done the trick. He's had it on all evening with no Jennifer Beals poses at all. See?




I also started working on a prototype for a hat design David wants to have done in time for Rhinebeck. It's the first time I've picked up the needles in a few months because of wrist pain. So far they seem to be doing pretty well, but I promise I'll be taking it easy. If David allows, there may be photos in advance of Rhinebeck.


Bob & Phyllis said...

sorry you are feeling poorly; I hope you bounce back quickly.

*sigh* can Tuck be any CUTER?! such an adorable little sweetie...


JoVE said...

Sorry to hear you are not well.

I totally get the surveillance thing (except for the fact that if it's flu you have no energy to go to the doctor) but your symptomology doesn't seem that different from other stuff I've heard. And I'd love your nascent-epidemiologist take on the whole "epidemic" planning.

Because I get the sense that this isn't really a bad flu. And yet H1N1 is being treated as somehow scarier than regular seasonal flu. Just today I was listening to some guy talking about how hard it is to get people to vaccinate but personally, I can't see the point. Folks just aren't getting that sick (unless they have other issues, most of which make vaccination a problem anyway; if your immune system is fucked a vaccine isn't going to work).

What do you think?

Carol said...

Tuck is WAY more adorable than Jennifer Beals.

anne marie in philly said...

tuck looks adorable in that sweater!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel
Have you tried the new square DPNs yet? They are designed to help with wrist problems. Everyone who has tried the sample set at Patti's said that there are very comfortable to use. They just arrived at the shop yesterday. Julie and Sharon bought several pairs. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Sheepish Annie said...

I wondered how you were feeling. My fear of the flu is beyond all that is rational, but I can't help it. (the whole almost dying the last time I had it business probably made me squeamish...) I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better and that you did as the CDC requests regarding the resting and staying home.

Love how Tuck's sweater came out! As much as I liked the Flashdance look back in the day, I think a fitted sweater is much more flattering on him.

Love This Space said...

That little picture of Tuck is so smoochable. I just wouldn't be able to keep from picking him up and snorgeling that adorableness.

tornwordo said...

Aw the tuckster is so cute. Get well swiftly!

Lisa/knitnzu said...

Your before and after cracked me up, but honestly, he seems more put together than her, snaggly teeth and all...

goblinbox said...

That is the very best before-and-after series EVAR.