03 September 2009

Ads from No on 1


Yarndude said...

Hi Mel! Thanks for the comments on my blog. I didn't have any contact info for you, otherwise I would have responded right away, sorry about that.

These are good ads - I'm sure one day people will come around, but until then, it's so hard, isn't it?

Mini said...

I grew up thinking that my cousin Terri and her partner Linda were married b/c my VERY Catholic mom thought it was better for us to think 'marriage' than 'living in sin'. it sucks that for the 40 years they have been together + one 30 year daughter, they aren't 'legally' married. For all the other crap that is wrong in this world, why can't we just let people be who they are, marry whomever they choose and live how they choose to live.

I hope Maine comes to it's senses...Massachusetts did and you can't swing a dead cat in Mass without hitting a Catholic. :)

Sarah Laurenson said...

Being low key and logical did not help us here in CA. The fear mongering took over and Prop 8 passed. Please learn from us!

FuguesStateKnits said...

Thanks so much for posting these - I have one on my blog, too. What people often don't realize is that whenever we diminish another, we diminish ourselves.
Good on you!