15 August 2009

The Beloved Frenchie Needs You

Chairman Tuck

Next week Tuck's going to have some major diagnostic work done to see if we can get to the bottom of his recurrent respiratory infections. When I say major, I don't necessarily mean invasive procedures so much as majorly expensive. As in, a few thousand dollars that we don't particularly have.

Anyway, considering his bouts with pneumonia and upper respiratory infections have cost us easily that much in a bit over a year - and that's with me getting meds at cost and providing most of his care myself - the hope is that we'll find something that can be fixed. Barring that, I'm hoping at least to know whether there are things we can do to improve his care from a preventive standpoint.

But still, thinking about the cost over the past few weeks has been nothing short of gut-wrenching, particularly since things still aren't terribly rosy for David's business. The other night, though, Rabbitch suggested that I should shamelessly exploit capitalize on Tuck's adorable mug and start selling it. On mugs. And t-shirts and what-have-you.

To that end, I've been working the past couple nights on putting together some images and creating an online store on Zazzle. The Chairman Tuck image above is the latest and, I think, the best yet. So rather than ask for donations for this particular cause, I'd appreciate it if y'all went on over and bought a little something. Christmas is coming up before you know it, so buy several little somethings. You'll be getting some extra adorable stocking stuffers and maybe, hopefully Tuck will be able to breathe a little bit easier because of it.

p.s., If you go to the storefront, scroll down and look for the "Product Lines" section in the right sidebar. Everything is organized by design there.

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