14 June 2009

Le Jardin Botanique

I'm not doing these Montréal posts sequentially. The original plan was for me to be taking an ultrasound course over the weekend, but it ended up being canceled and we had our last day there as a total play day. So once we got our layabout carcasses out of bed and got reasonably woken up, we headed out to meet up with Tornwordo for a stroll around the Botanical Garden. I'd had a very nice time there on my previous visit to Montréal back in '98, but it had been so long that it was just like being there for the first time.

In no particular order, here are some pics (which curiously include none of the people involved).

Montreal 033

"Montreal 012

Montreal 034

Montreal 015

Montreal 013

Montreal 016

Montreal 017

Montreal 014

I didn't say they were all pretty.


Lisa/knitnzu said...


Once upon a time I might've tried to bring that last item home... clean it up, add it to the collection. Oh, and here's the french skull...

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't there be flowers in the *flower bed*? Oh, I crack myself up.

Ted said...

The flower bed is a great idea, and the peonies are amazing.

I wonder what the french term for "flowerbed" is, though.

Mel said...

"Lit des fleurs" would work in that context, I'd think, plus it'd be a fun play on words ("fleur de lis").

tornwordo said...

I love that one with the squirrel's head under the wood chips. Did Lee Ann tell you we worked together the other day and didn't realize it until the following evening? Small world.