26 June 2009

And Life Intervenes

How has so much time gone by? I haven't even finished putting up pics from Montréal yet, but things got busy, I made a too-brief trip to South Carolina to visit my grandparents, and I've been busy since I got back.

I know, bad me.

Anyway, today brought a very fun visit from The Femiknit Mafia and Little Man. They got the tour of the farm, got to meet a couple of our resident snakes, and got to hang out while I did some quick vet work with a couple of the 'pacas, but the real reason for the visit was so Mafia could check out and take home my old kayak that really needs a loving home.

Unfortunately, I got an e-mail this evening that she wasn't able to get it into her building. *sigh*

Anyway, there's been no knitting to speak of for a while. A bit of repetitive strain of the wrists has made me set it all down for a bit. While I was at the grandparents' last week, though, I picked out a few nice fabrics from my grandmother's extensive stash and started a lap quilt for her. Nothing fancy, but it's in fabrics she loved once and will never be well enough to work with again herself. And despite the fact that it was getting up to 100° while I was there, she feels chilly much of the time and will really appreciate it. Photos will follow, eventually. Or at least I hope.

The other big thing going on is that we now are co-owners with the neighbors of 11 laying hen chicks. There were 12 initially, but one of the buff orpingtons decided to lie down and die a couple of days after they arrived. My big, butch project has been to construct a chicken coop for them. I have framing done, but there's still quite a lot left to do. Fortunately, I have the weekend off and am planning to work on it. Provided the weather cooperates.


Java said...

Buff Orpingtons are some of the prettiest golden chickens! I miss having chickens. Maybe some time I'll once again live some place where I can keep a few chickens.

It's hot here. It will be hot here for the next two to three months. Ugh.

JJ said...

I'm jealous! I used to read Femiknit Mafia's blog and had her as a Sockapalooza pal one year. I always wanted to meet her!

Sheepish Annie said...

Chickens are fun! They are not the brightest creatures on the planet, but they make eggs so I forgive them.

Except when they are mean. My neighbor had mean chickens for a while when I was growing up and I didn't forgive them anything...

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore the name Buff Orpington. I say it to myself and smile.