04 May 2009


Living an hour away from work in a fairly rural state means I spend a lot of time driving. And to stay awake while I'm driving, I either listen to news on NPR or I listen to CD's. And if you pass me on the Maine Turnpike, you can tell which I'm listening to by looking to see if I'm singing along or not.

More often than not, I'll be listening to Gillian Welch. I almost never get tired of her songs and the musical stylings of her partner, David Rawlings. And of all her songs, this one is my absolute favorite:

So dark and relentless, I love it.

Today, though, I decided to go with a little Alison Krauss:

In Other News...

...well, there's not much to tell. I finished my spring semester course and have 8 days before the next class starts. My upcoming 5 days off from work are predicted to be rainy, which may make getting the lawn mowed and getting some gardening done a bit tricky. There's been very little knitting of late, too. Some of it's being too busy at work, some is lack of mojo, but these things tend to be cyclical and I'm not too distressed about it.

The biggest thing today (well, Sunday) was David's 41st birthday. This year was much, much more low-key than last year's bash. I made him a yummy carrot cake and we watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, birthday boy's choice. And then it was his bedtime.

We'll see if I can't manage some more garden photos this coming week. I've already got iris and daylily buds like you would not believe up against the house, which is good considering I've just deadheaded all the daffodils. And Saturday is NH Sheep & Wool, though there haven't been any firm plans to go as yet. Still, David seemed interested, so I expect we'll try to make a day of it.


Sheepish Annie said...

B-day parties after forty start to get much less strenuous. I'm at the stage where two movies in a row plus cake would require a week off from work...

Happy Belated Birthday to David! And happy Spring Break to you!!

Lisa/knitnzu said...

Happy Birthday to your Birthday Boy!

My commute lasts all of 6 minutes, or less, so I don't really listen to much anymore. At home, it's a lot of putamayo.

My old friend Jen has a new CD out, and these two remind me of her (or vice-versa). Check her out at wwwDOTjenclappDOTcom

If we (really DH) can ever figure out how to digitally record cassette tapes, I'll send you the Native Tongue music. It was a little more like Alison and Gillian's.

Lee Ann said...

For some reason, Gillian Welch has been off my radar screen for a long, long time. Thanks for putting her back on. Alison Krauss, on the other hand...

that's cryin' music. ;-)

Big hug to David! (Okay, you get one too for making the carrot cake)