19 May 2009

Local Denizens and Antipodean Visitors

Okay, so I know I haven't been great about updating lately, but a lot of it is just not having the free time to keep up. Last night's frost warning notwithstanding (except for where we live along the coast), spring is definitely here. When I got home from work Saturday morning, there were garter snakes in each of my front flower beds, and then a rather long milk snake basking in the grass along the eastern side of the house. Then later there was another small garter snake back in one of the front flower beds, along with what was probably one of the original garters.

And Saturday evening, David and I went looking for something he had seen earlier in the afternoon, namely this beauty:


This lovely is a gray tree frog, and is something we don't see too often, as they're quite good at camouflage. Saturday evening just happened to be quite chilly, though, and this one was moving a bit slowly as a result. It also was not on a lichen-y tree, as it should be, so I released onto one so that it would be nicely inconspicuous and protected.

On Sunday, we went down to Boston to see my little sister, who was up for the weekend visiting friends. And on Monday, I drove over to Harrisville to meet up with Nanna Peter, who had spent the weekend at the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat, which David and I weren't able to attend this year.

I've known Peter for several years from the glbt-knit listserv, but this was the first time we'd managed to meet in person. He's also known as Andrew's Tall & Handsome. I was a little dismayed to arrive in Harrisville and find a sign on their door that they were closed on Mondays, but the owners happened to be around and took pity on us, so yarn was purchased (no pics as yet, though).

Afterward, we made our way back to my home, had some cheese fondue and a bit of festivity for our guest, and today I drove him around town a bit to see some of the sights. Unfortunately, I had to work tonight, but Peter should be off at Chicks with Sticks as I type this, likely having a riotous time. Of course, I've had horrible camnesia of late, so I have no photos to share, but I know he's off to visit Mar next, so hopefully she'll do a better job than I. As brief as the visit was, it was wonderful to get to meet him finally, and maybe it'll give us that much more impetus to make the trip Down Under to visit.

On the knitting front, I did finish off my little lace sample project last night, but it's still at the boiled ass stage and needs to be blocked. Hopefully, that will get done tonight, as well, and I'll have pics to share tomorrow. As well as pics of the first daylilies, which started blooming a few days ago now.

One more item - My cousin Liz, whom I've mentioned before plays Wendy Simms on CSI (She's good - go and see for yourself.), has this as her Facebook status today:

All right. I don't want you to feel like I'm hitting you up for money but I am, in fact, hitting you up for money. I have been volunteering with Meals on Wheels of LA for the past year and a half. They have fallen upon hard times in this economic climate (imagine that) and need donations: Meals On Wheels 900 Hilgard Ave LA,CA 90024 or www.mealsonwheelswla.org

If you are so inclined and able, go on over and make a donation. We all know what a difference $5 can make. Alternatively, you might consider donating to MoW in your own neighborhood, since it's a fair assumption that the LA organization isn't the only one that's been affected by the economy.


Sheepish Annie said...

What a cute widdle froggie! I likes froggies and toadies. They eat flies, right? I hates flies!!!!

Thanks for the MoW reminder. That's one of those organizations that we all kind of take for granted, but I can imagine how hard pressed they are these days to stay up and running. And how devastating it would be if they weren't around...

Alwen said...

For some reason, we almost always have one of those tree frogs under the hood over the LP gas tank regulator. They love it under there.

Last year, one started hanging out on the gatepost of the chain link fence. Funny!

I love that weird sound they make when it's humid and about to rain.