23 December 2008

The Night of the Root Vegetables

Tonight we might have gone to our friends Molly & Don's annual root vegetable party to welcome the solstice (delayed a day because of the ton of snow we got over the weekend) and honor the humble root vegetables which provide us northern folk with sustenance through the long, dark winter.

Considerable quantities of food and wine might have been consumed.

Fantastical sculptures might have been created from root vegetables.

Illegal fireworks might have been lit, amid much fanfare.

A giant effigy of a parsnip might have been set ablaze to welcome the return of the light.

I can, however, neither confirm nor deny any of this.

What I can confirm is that we had to shovel most of the knee-deep snow out of our driveway ourselves because a) the ^&**&%%# plow guy never showed up, b) Wendy & Paula's plow lady pushed a huge mountain o' snow up in front of the shed where their snowblowers reside, and c) Paula's tractor (with front-end loader) was occupied most of the time getting a stupid farm visitor unstuck after said visitor decided to drive down a snowy embankment to the barn. In a station wagon. And then proceeded to run said station wagon into a snowbank every single time Paula got her unstuck.

I can also confirm that the Japanese sweater is finished! In time to wear it to breakfast with Franklin and Sue on Wednesday morning! Pictures to follow.

Oh, and don't be too surprised if photos of strange root-like creatures should appear here without warning.


Craftygrrrl said...

Was the station wagon driver from the city? And/or at any point claim "I have 4 wheel drive! I can drive through anything!" just before they got stuck?

So many memories I have of my Dad helping various neighbors guests and family members out of snow banks.

Unknown said...

One of the benefits of living in a townhouse complex is that shoveling snow off an 8 foot long driveway can actually be enjoyable sometimes.

Can't imagine it would be quite so much fun in your situation.

Please give Franklin a big hug for all of us.

Rabbitch said...

You know, if it was Night of the Zombie Root Vegetables it might be a little more dramatic.

Anonymous said...

Bring on the root-like creatures!

FiberQat said...

Hang on to your seats! It's RUTABAGA RUMMMMMMBLLLLLLE!!!

Anonymous said...

happy holidays to you and david, celebrating your first xmas together as a married couple! YAYZ! (claps hands)

have fun with franklin and sue (green with envy)!

Sheepish Annie said...

While I am sorry to hear that you had to miss your solstice celebration, I kind of feel better knowing that I am not the only one who had plow issues. We here at The Condos That Time (and the plows) Forgot are having a lovely time trying to find places to put our cars!

But my station wagon is the only thing that could make it through all that snow without getting stuck! Everyone else had great difficulty. Yay for AWD!!!

Congrats on finishing the sweater!

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