04 December 2008

A Dull Dullard

That'd be me, it appears. I just haven't had much to talk about lately, or at least haven't been very good at blogging about it. Part of the reason, not surprisingly, is work. I took on four extra shifts in November, which meant spending a lot more time at the clinic. As we've been experiencing a seasonal dip in cases, there's been very little of note there - an apparent uptick in immune-mediated anemias and thrombocytopenias, which is really the kind of thing that would only interest people like me, but little else.

Things on the knitting front have been similarly boring. I plug away on the back panel of the Japanese sweater, which gets longer a little at a time, but there's only so much potential blog fodder in a slowly growing mass of stockinette. Perhaps when I get to the front and begin working the cabled section it'll be slightly more riveting, but for the moment and considering I've been quite monogamous while working on this project, it's just not that blog-worthy.

The only real excitement of note lately is the effect the bad economy is having on David's business. Let's just say that things aren't looking particularly rosy at the moment, so I've been working on an austerity plan in the event that we're reduced to a single income for a while. Thankfully, that situation doesn't appear to be imminent, but I did sort out a workable budget that will allow us to get by on just my income for the time being and shift David's income into building a contingency fund, just in case.

If you're in our neck of the woods and want help us keep the contingency fund as just a contingency, or if you just need some nice holiday gifts (like alpaca socks!), David is planning a two-day sales event this Friday (10a-8p) and Saturday (10a-4p) at his company warehouse (click for Google map). Otherwise, the website (see the link over in the sidebar) has an online store, so go buy some socks for the people in your life who don't wear only handknits.

Meantime, I'll be here trying to think up something more interesting to write about next time.


Anonymous said...

Yuck about the personal impact of economic crisis but hurray for your contingency plan. Sounds sensible. I think I'm going to hope nothing gets exciting at your house for a while. Boring might be good.

(my word recognition is: woryse... hmmm)

Sheepish Annie said...

Blog fodder has been thin these days, I must admit. You're not alone in the struggle to come up with things of note!

Here's hoping that things turn around soon on the business front. This economy has been just brutal!

Natalie Servant said...

Wow, I've been having a bad month & the phrase "immune-mediated anemias and thrombocytopenias" has a lot of meaning for me at the moment. That's unusual, since I'm not in the medical field.

Molly Bee said...

Interesting or not, I'm just glad to hear you 'checking in'. I'll keep my fingers crossed that all goes well with David.

Anonymous said...

Dog pics are always good if there is nothing much to speak of ;)