12 November 2008

Fun with Blog Stats

Interesting searches which have brought people to my blog this week:

- An msn.com search for "titty jiggel"[sic], which led someone to this post.

- A Google image search for "wonder woman's butt", which led someone to this post.

What surprises me about the last one is that GayProf's blog didn't come up at all.


Andreapgn said...

Oh, can you imagine how dissapointed they must have been? LOL

I love your blog, but then again, I don't come here looking for tits or butts, so...

JelliDonut said...

I guess this is the good part about not having bodacious tattas--they don't "jiggel." I would rather have the socks than the jiggly tits, thank you very much!

Emily said...

How funny! I just started reading your blog, but I swear I didn't find you through either of those searches!