09 October 2008

A Quickie

Not really any time to write anything. We have an early morning tomorrow and I've been dealing with the mild-but-a-bit-of-a-nuisance fallout from what was most likely a contaminated, albeit very yummy, tomato yesterday evening (though I haven't ruled out something in my lunch sandwich).

Anyway, today was a national holiday here in Peru, and the naval hero who lost his life in that battle has a statue in his honor at the traffic rotary by our hotel. This meant a military band and parade in front of the hotel rather early this morning. They didn't roust me out of bed very effectively, but I did manage to get a few pics at the end of the proceedings.




And this is the view from our hotel room of the volcano Misti, whence comes the name of Misti Alpaca yarn company.


Tomorrow it's back to Lima for another night and several more meetings before we catch a Friday night redeye home.

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Anonymous said...

Hope it's nothing worse than a bug that a little Cipro will take care of. Safe travel for your return.