27 October 2008

From Semi- to Fully FO


Last night was really busy at work, but during a very late lull I was able to finish up the last few rounds on #2 of the pair. I ended up casting off the thumb stitches just slightly tighter on the second one than on the first, but it's not enough to irritate me and they're very cozy.

The pattern is one we had at Rhinebeck that was originally written for Landscapes, which is a discontinued baby alpaca/silk yarn - worsted weight, so comparable to the Mojito I used for these. It's a very straightforward ribbed pattern with a simple thumb gusset. The only change I made to the pattern was to reverse the shaping of the thumb gusset on #2 so that the two would be more or less mirror images, rather than one always looking like I put it on backwards.

Now I need to finish up Tuck's sweater so that I can cast one from the Japanese pattern books for myself.


Lucia said...

Those look great! And that's ribbing? What a thick, soft, warm fabric that must be.

Sheepish Annie said...

Very good of you to finish Tuck's sweater first. You are a fine example of fatherhood!!!

Love the mitts, too. Mirror image is very, very good!