18 March 2008

Meeting of the Mo's


Thanks to a tip from textillian I found the Big Mo' bar at Joann Fabric when I went there last Friday to get some fabric for curtains (photos of those once I'm finished). There's not much to distinguish them aside from the (presumably unintentional) double entendre of the name. The whole milk-chocolate-with-peanut-butter thing has been done before, and while I like it well enough, it's not something I'm likely to go out of my way to find.


Anonymous said...

Glad I could help you find your Big Mo'. I thought it might be disappointing with a NASCAR driver on the wrapper.

Goamick said...

OK I read the blog and happened to see these at the Gas station minutes later. I bought Peanut butter and caramel. the clerk (who was not just the clerk but the MANAGER) said "Oh, these are REALLY good".
The peanut butter is prettey good, the caramel not so much.