12 March 2008

Just in Case...

...you've not been paying attention.

(click for bigger, links to the Salon.com page)

Tom Tomorrow is my hero.


Unknown said...

That's not a comic strip...there's nothing comic about it.

The thing I don't understand is that even though the entire planet realizes the truth of this little cartoon, it still continues.


Thank gods I don't have children.

Leslie said...

I'm with Joe. Too bad our "congressional leaders" don't have the balls/brains/guts to do what should be done: Impeach, Indict and Imprison.

But then, I'm undoubtedly on a list (or two) somewhere :)

knitnzu said...

Mmm Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

This not new. I have a very old, withered, yellowed Tom Tomorrow panel on the refridgerator door:

Citizen1 - What exactly happened to the surplus?

Citizen2 - Um, the terrorists stole it. It was very evil of them.