04 October 2007

Pulling It Together (Sort Of)

Actually, I've not been falling apart, really. Monday's events took a bit of a toll and it's very weird being dogless for the first time in 16 years and UPS delivered today a harness I had ordered for Rosa last week near the start of her problems, but we're okay, for the most part. Mostly.

David called me here at work well after midnight and well after he would have gone to bed to tell me he had been having severe abdominal pain for an hour. Once I ascertained that no, it wasn't lower right quadrant pain, I called Paula and Wendy, and Wendy whisked him off to the ER. The pain suddenly stopped right as they were getting there, and a short time thereafter he peed out a kidney stone. He said it was very jagged. And, not unsurprisingly, that they had found blood in his urine on urinalysis.

He also said that when he came out of the bathroom with it he announced to all present, "I got the prize!" Which was a huge relief to all of us.

And I've decided to keep the harness. It will fit another dog someday, perhaps (hopefully?) a standard poodle of moderate size.

When I got to work this afternoon, this little guy was back for a bandage change (one of our techs is fostering him). See how well he's doing?


He's lost a couple of toes and will end up with some scarring on his right leg, but he's getting around great and I'm told was very good for the bandage change. Seeing him now, I'm even more convinced that he'd be a perfect companion for Tolo, who has been tormenting Sylvie even more now that Rosa's gone.

Tolo is a kitty who needs to have someone to hang with, and even though Rosa didn't really play with him, I think he at least saw her as company once Poqui wasn't around for him anymore. Now with Inga sleeping in the kitty condo at night to keep her from pissing on the carpet, all he has is Sylvie, and she's not liking it one little bit. So I'm thinking a buddy for Tolo would be a good thing for all of us, and after a few nights of listening to Sylvie scream, I think David may be starting to agree.

The Big News, Though, Is...

...that in the midst of what has turned out to be a rather chaotic and difficult week, David's cousin Greg is arriving today from South Dakota for a visit. This is a very significant visit because Greg is the first member of David's family aside from his parents to visit since David moved east in '94.

We've got a good bit planned for this visit. I've taken the entire weekend off (first time since April) and tonight will be making dinner. David's decided that it should be Indian, so I'll have to do a bit of shopping and thinking about menu beyond naan and daal. Before I get in a nap.

Then tomorrow we'll be off to the Fryeburg Fair. Maine doesn't have a state fair, but this is the closest thing to it, being the largest fair in the state. I haven't been in about 20 years, and David's never been. Then we'll continue north into the mountains and spend the night in Bethel, near Sunday River ski resort, which is having a fall festival, and not far from Grafton Notch State Park, which has some hiking trails with nice summit views to see the fall color.

Photos, of course, will be posted. After I get around to getting those kilt photos up.

One More Thing (Not for the Weak)

In thirteen years in practice, I have seen a lot of dogs with porcupine quills. Despite worrying about the possibility, though, I have never seen quills actually embedded in a dog's eye. Until tonight. I'm not posting this one on here because I realize that not everyone can handle eye stuff well, but you may see it on Flickr here if you are so inclined. Embiggen at your own risk.

The eye, of course, was not salvageable, but it's a surgery that I've had a lot of practice at and Tippy should do quite well with the one remaining eye. And now all she needs for Halloween is a pirate hat and eye patch.


Rabbitch said...

I love the fact that that lovely little cat gets a PURPLE cast!

Anonymous said...

My land, you two have had quite the week. Hopefully, it will only go up from here with David's (not Dave's) cousin coming to visit. Sounds like you have a good time in store with the fair and the festival.

Carole Knits said...

I'm sorry about Rosa. And the kidney stone. Sounds like your weekend will be full of fun, though. I hope you get the rest, relaxation and healing that you all need.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, Indian food...yum. I have actually eaten curry and naan for breakfast, I love it so much.

I'm so glad David is coming around to the idea of taking home the little cat. Tiger boy kitties, in my experience, are extremely sweet.

I clicked. That must have hurt like hell, poor little dude.

Anonymous said...

How nice that David's cousin is coming for a visit; sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned. It may be just what you need after the week from Hell the two of you have had!

I love David's announcement after passing the stone. Amazing that he still had a sense of humor!

I just love that little kitty in the casts. Well, I don't love that he has to be in casts, but I think he's adorable and you absolutely have to bring him home. I think I'd be in big trouble if I had your job; I'd be wanting to bring them all home :-)

Poor Tippy, I'm glad to hear he's going to be okay, but that must have hurt like hell!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of medical stuff to deal with. I didn't click through to the eye but I can imagine it was horrible. I'm glad you could save the dog, if not the eye.

And great news about David's cousin's visit. I hope it goes well. Though it sounds like he might go home complaining that you've worn him out. :-)

Molly Bee said...

I'm jealous! I loved the Fryburg Fair. What about the state fair in Bangor. They don't do that any more? Did they replace it with the Folk Festival?

Carol said...

Geez, Mel, that's a whole lotta stuff packed into one blog post!
first and foremost, I am so sorry about Rosa. Truly. I've lost kitties that I dearly dearly loved and it's never easy. Hugs.
Glad David is feeling better and I'm thrilled for you that finally a member of his family is coming to see you. I WISH I had family members like you to visit.
And I'm really glad that Cast-Kitty is going to find a wonderful home. If it wouldn't result in my husband divorcing me, I would have offered to take him in a heartbear. Now he needs a good name.

Many hugs. Hope you have a restful nap.

Scoutj said...

Will not be clicking that!

Damn it sounds like quite the week!

Love This Space said...

I'm SO sorry about Rosa. And the timing looks perfect for little kitty. Change in the fur families are hard.


pacalaga said...

I'm sorry to hear about Rosa - somehow my reader didn't pick up the update so I only just read about it now.
I did not click. It's not the eye, it's the quills. They freak me out.
I'm glad David is okay, and I hope you all have a great time with the cousin.

Cheryl said...

Oh man I should not have clicked on that link. Yikes.

And I'm so sorry to hear about Rosa. I'm sad for you all.

Sheepish Annie said...

I missed your update on Rosa's passing and am just so very sorry. This has been a rough run of luck for you. Here's hoping for better days starting right now.

Glad to hear that David is OK...I hear that the passing of the stones is rather horrid! He deserves a nice visit with family. And a new kitty. I think a new kitty would be just the thing!

Mad Hatter of Knitting said...

awww, poor doggie. That looks like it must have hurt terribly. I am glad you were able to help him out! The animals are so very lucky to know you are on call!

Poor David! Kidney stones have been described as worse than child birth.

I think the kittie with the purple casts will be a lovely addition to your family. Right after Maya died my cat, Mandu seemed to mope around. A week later, I brought Mateo, a gray and white domestic, home from AWS and Mandu came alive again.

I do believe in the universe brings us animals at certain times.

Prachi said...

I am so sorry about Rosa. Good luck for the visit - so what is the menu to be? You know I just wanted to share one of my favourite Indian food blogs - www.nandyala.org/mahanandi. She's very famous so you might have heard of her. I have made lots and lots of her recipes and she never fails. Best of all, very simple.

knitnzu said...

Oh Mel, poor you and David! I was thinking of how empty the house felt the first time I walked in (I was away) after Maggie had to be put down... and for many many days and weeks later. They may be old, or sick, or have to be put down for good reasons, but they do leave such an empty spot in our lives when they go! I think that little kitty is a wicked chahma, he's wicked cunnin'! Did I tell you this porcupine story... a rottie who had quills all in his face and mouth, and the vet kept going deeper and deeper into his throat and still getting quills... the rottie had SWALLOWED the thing! I'll have to ask my neighbor about this again... because I always wonder how it came out and what kind of damage it did on the other end. A one eyed dog is not such a horrible thing, hope the dog is better soon. Have you seen video clip of Faith the bipedal dog? Check her out on YouTube...pretty incredible. Enjoy the visit w/ Greg, and the Fair (I've never been!).

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Rosa. It is so hard to lose a pet.

The poor puppy with the quills in her eye... omg. I can't even imagine. A few months ago, my standard poodle, Artemis, was scratched in the eye by a cat. The scratch was deep (right trough the cornea) and was infected almost immediately. She was a trooper though and the vet and several students were able to examine her without any trouble. It has healed now. And of course, she still wants to be friends with the cat :P

Laurie said...

Ow on the quills. OW. My toes JUST started to curl on that one.

Have fun at Fryeburg, say yo to Kim for me.

Norma said...

Wow, Mel, I'm just catching up. What a week you've had. So sorry about Rosa, and glad you are going to have a restorative weekend. Much needed.