27 October 2007

Guess Who's Home!


The splint came off his left leg on Wednesday, and I took the one off the right last night. He's got a nasty little pressure sore on that leg, so he gets to wear the party hat for a bit until it's healed. After a month and a half of splints, he goose-steps a little bit, but I expect that'll improve fairly quickly.

He managed the entire hour ride home without soiling his carrier, which I understand has been an issue. He also didn't cry much at all. Tristan und Isolde was playing on the radio the whole way, so it must have been the powerful calming effect of Wagner. Or perhaps the fact that I didn't feed him after last night's dinner in hopes that he'd be a bit more, well, empty.

To do the initial introduction, David sat in the living room with Tolo and Inga and I let Cougar wander in from David's office. He goose-stepped right over to Tolo, sniffed noses, and then hissed. Tolo ran away and hid, and Inga turned around and said, "Um, nice, now where's my food?" We repeated the introduction with Sylvie a short time later, and as expected, she told us how much she hated us and how she'd make us pay and this is her house, and don'tyouknowit'ssupposedtobeallaboutme?!

I predicted that Cougar and Tolo would be pals within 48 hours, and I still think that it's very much within the realm of possibility. They're definitely interested in one another, though very wary as yet - quite a lot of no-I'm-not-really-following-you going on. I am, however, very slightly less certain about my timeline at the moment, vague and totally unbinding as it may have been.

In Other News

Because, it seems, I needed a simple project to work on to avoid the projects I need to be doing while away the times when I can't do anything more complex, I cast on for a sock with one of the balls of Opal Hundertwasser sock yarn. This is the colorway Seeschlange ("Seasnake").


I got a pair of US1(2.5mm) 12"(30cm) Addi Turbos for this project, since I haven't enjoyed two circs in the past using longer cables, and did a Turkish cast on with a Sherman short row toe, working a relatively low number of short rows because of my broad toes. I was thinking to do the same at the heel, only with more short rows because of my deep, narrow heels, but I may decide to do a widdershins heel instead.

One thing I know I won't be doing is making these socks match. I'm pretty sure that to do so would have been anathema to Hundertwasser. It's arguable that it might also have been anathema to mass-produce yarn based on his artworks, but at least one can assure that the end products are all unique.


Carol said...

Love the socks -- and especially your take on the yarn...

I am so happy that kitteh is going to such a wonderful home. You probably have heard every trick in the book, but I heard once that when introducing new cats and dogs to each other, it can help to rub all of them with a dryer sheet on the theory that it makes them all smell sort of alike to each other. Have you ever heard that?

Cougar looks a little like Queen Elizabeth I in that collar.

BerkeleyBecca said...

Cougar's a lucky boy.

Sheepish Annie said...

Cougar is going to be the king of the household in no time! If for no other reason that he has a cool hat and none of the other animals thought to accessorize.

Anonymous said...

Cougar looks adorable in his party hat :-)

Anonymous said...

I love how you take care of our 4-legged friends. You're pretty good with the 2-legged kind too!

I'm not sure if it's my screen, but the socks seem to have a Native American design to them.

Anonymous said...

I like the socks. With yarns that are patterned like that (the Opal or Trekking) I don't worry about matching because I enjoy my sanity. I find that more important.

Bogey didn't care for his party had when we had to put it on him after his surgery. He disliked it so much, he found a way to get it off. Cougar seems to be a bit more cooperative.

FiberQat said...

Nice descriptions of the reactions. I know exactly how Sylvie feels. Maisie did that with Buster when he first arrived. She's just now getting her nose out of joint and it's been 4 years, but it's because she's such a princess.

Welcome Cougar!