30 May 2007

Shawl Update

The day is dawning quickly here, so just a quick drive-by post before I hop into my coffin bed. I just finished the border of the shawl and am all ready to start the edging. I'm going with the "Doris" edging from Heirloom Knitting (photos of it can be seen here or here). I plan on taking photos of my set up for the edging, as it's something I unvented. I'm sure someone's done it before, but I came up without outside assistance and think it's worth sharing. No time to do it now, though.

I had an "Oh, shit" moment the other night when I was about 2/3 done with the border and saw that I had dropped a stitch back on the 19th pattern repeat in the body - one of the double decrease stitches, no less. I hadn't lost my stitch count, so I apparently was so tired when I did it that I didn't notice I wasn't actually purling into the stitch and was just making a yarnover, instead. How it managed not to ravel is beyond me, but I am sooooooo glad it didn't.

Ripping back to it was not an option (yes, there was a lifeline - at the 15th pattern repeat), so I took a breath and got out a sharp darning needle, scissors, and a short length of yarn from the outside of the ball, and made a little splice to fix it. If you didn't know where to look, you'd be hard pressed to find it. I actually tried to take a photo of the mistake, but even that was hard to see as a tiny lavender loop against a backdrop of lavender loops. That particular motif is a bit more open than its neighbors, but I think blocking will mitigate that difference nicely.

Okay, off to bed. Must rest up for work tonight.


Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, man! If I'd discovered that error you'd have heard me screaming from your house. But it sounds like you've got everything under control! Nicely done.

Sleep tight!

Unknown said...

I had the exact same "Oh shit" moment on the Melanie. Instead of purling into the stitch, I missed it. So yes, I fixed it but no, I didn't rip it out. And I never use lifelines. More trouble than they're worth, in my opinion. I got to be a champ at ripping out fine lace and I actually don't mind it--if it's not 15 rows back.