21 December 2006

The Final FO

The first night working in the new building went relatively well. Thank you to all who sent good vibes. As with any other move, there were boxes everywhere and we didn't know where to find anything, but we cleared out enough workspace among the not-quite-finished construction to do our job without undue impairment. The clinic camera was packed away in someone's car, so I couldn't document the rather disturbing state of things I arrived to, but I expect it'll still be chaotic enough when I work on Thursday.

And it was, very fortunately, not an inordinately busy night. I had enough down time to sit down and darn in the ends on my last holiday knitting project.


This is for step-nephew Cameron, who I expect will love it. It's made of Lion Brand WoolEase Chunky, because the most important consideration when making a hat for a 10-year-old boy (as well as for his 8-year-old brother) - a demographic well known for being able to sweat and smell just a bit funky - is machine washability.

And because I have a considerable amount of the Bearfoot yarn left over, I decided to do a bit of work on a two-layer hat for Dulaan.


I considered various construction options, but what I decided ultimately to do is a band of corrugated ribbing, then continue with one color to make the inner layer, then pick up stitches and knit up the outer layer in the other colorway. I could have just done both layers at once by double knitting, but I think it would slow me down more than I'd like without giving a better end product.

Because the colorways are fairly similar, the corrugated ribbing is not contrasty at all, but I think the overall effect is nice, plus it gives an edge that won't roll and is of double thickness. On top of that, the bloom of the mohair when it's washed should make a hat that insulates very nicely and is soft for an infant or small toddler.

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Sheepish Annie said...

You are a Finishing Machine!!! Even with everything going on!!

The Sheep hangs her wooly head in shame and heads out yet again to purchase gifts to replace those she failed to knit. Maybe next year...

I do love the hats! Nice job.