28 December 2006

Ah, HolidayTravels

So we're in Brainerd right now. And sick. My cold that seemed to be getting better suddenly gained new life, the snot factory kicked itself into overdrive, and David's sniffling his way through it, too. It's not pretty.

On the plus side, Mike & Sue and their kids have been wonderful to visit with, and I'm kind of wishing we were staying here longer instead of heading off to South Dakota to see David's folks. We are planning on starting our 4 hour drive late in the day in hopes that there will be little talk and an early bedtime, then leaving out along with all the other relatives coming to visit on Friday. The hope is that his mother will be a good Lutheran and play nice, but I think anything's possible at this point.

Christmas itself was pretty low-key. After I got off work the morning of Christmas Eve, I went out to breakfast and had a very-fun-but-far-too-brief visit with Franklin and Sister Sue. Afterwards, David picked me up and we drove up to my folks' for the day. The niece and nephews love the socks and hats and we had a nice, but again too-brief, visit before driving home so I could get some sleep before having to work Christmas night.

I came home Tuesday morning and ran around frantically taking care of last minute errands, including dealing with a not-terribly-major health issue in one of David's 'pacas, which left me with all of 10 minutes to throw some clothes together for the trip. I also brought along a sock project for myself, as it was quick, easy to carry, and something I could do without having to think about it too much or needing a pattern in front of me.

On our return to the Twin Cities before returning home, I'm hoping that we'll be able to see my friends Chris & Leon & also meet up with Sean before we have to catch our afternoon plane.


Anonymous said...

Good luck the family stuff! I'm looking forward to brunch Saturday!

Laurie said...

Hope your cold doesn't deck you too thoroughly. All the travel and family stuff is always harder when you aren't feeling spiffy.