22 September 2006

And So It Begins...Sort Of

Today is the beginning of Sock Wars. Or at least it's supposed to be. Who knew that this was going to hit Yarn Monkey's town. And so we wait.

In the meantime, maybe I can finish up the toddler sweater I'm working on for Dulaan. Only seven more raglan decrease rounds and the roll neck, then grafting the underarms.

It All Ted's Fault

Ever since Ted posted this, I've had apple pie on the brain. So yesterday I found an orchard not too far from me and bought a peck of cortlands. We're going to my parents' tomorrow, so I think there'll be a bit of pie-baking activity while we're there. The apples are so lovely that I took photos, but my camera's being uncommunicative with the computers today, so they'll have to wait until the electronics are on speaking terms again.

Oh, One More Thing...

The pea soup was yummy.


Anonymous said...

Care to share your recipe for the pea soup?

JoVE said...

Now ONE apple pie shared with friends would not be a serious health problem or danger to your diet. Buying a PECK of apples and making multiple pies is another thing altogether. :-)

Anonymous said...

One year at Christmas, a friend and I teamed up to give a gift of apple pies to a mutual friend who could barely turn on an oven. I made jars of apple pie filling, and little packages of streusel topping; Mary rolled pie crust and fitted it into foil pans, and froze them. Our friend was thrilled. To bake a pie, all she had to do was take a crust from the freezer, empty a jar of filling into it, sprinkle over a bag of streusel and bake. It was one of the best Christmas gifts I've ever given anyone.

Anonymous said...

While you were eating pea soup, I was finishing victom no. 1's Socks of Doom! Nee Nanner Neener!