28 September 2006

El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan

The title is that of a short story by Argentine writer, Jorge Luís Borges. This has long been a favorite story of mine and quite possibly is one of the things that ultimately drew me to Buddhism, as it deals with the idea of the essentially false nature of the reality that we perceive and the multiple possibilities that reality can take the form of depending on the actions (karma) of ourselves and others.

Superficially, though, it is also a tale of intrigue, and I got to thinking about it today while finishing my second sock for Sock Wars. My target has done two pairs of socks in the time it has taken me to do one. Despite her speed, though, she is already dead and simply doesn't yet know it.


I did these in Baby Twist 100% baby alpaca yarn. Not machine washable, but certainly soft and warm. I think I'll send them regular mail, so she'll have a chance to try to kill yet again while she awaits her inevitable doom.

Speaking of Babies

I got home from a busy night at work and crashed into bed around 11AM. At about 1PM, David came in and woke me up. Tlingit, one of his girls who boards at a farm nearby had been in labor for an hour, which generally means a problem. So I got up, grabbed my things, and headed over to the farm.

Fortunately, it was only a mild malpresentation, so a quick correction of the position of the front legs and out popped an apparently healthy female cria. David's still thinking of names, and we're waiting on landlady Wendy to send us pics, as she's the only one who brought along a camera.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the great looking socks and the safe arrival of the new cria!

Anonymous said...

No I haven't knitted the second pair of the socks of doom, but there's some bad news. My victom sent Lion Brand Wool Ease, a heavier worsted weight yarn, and not the called for dk weight yarn! EEk, I cannot get guage to save my life! I might just stop and let you do this pair, this just isn't the right yarn at all!!!

Hmmmm Death by Alpaca, hehehehehehe, I was hoping for something like that! I can hardly wait till my death arrives!

I have finished a pair of socks in the mean time, just not for this. Now I have to re-do three pairs for a commissioned job as I misunderstood the measurements thinking she wanted them 9.25" before starting the toe, when that was the full length she wanted. No biggie, but a hassle.

Sean said...

Nice socks...they're really handsome!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new baby!

Chris said...

Congrats on the cria!! You seem to have no fear of receiving your own Socks of Doom....