16 August 2006

Wretched Wrist

The tendonitis has decided to flare up, so I'm taking a hiatus from the needles for a little bit. The sock can wait, as can the hat I started for Dulaan. Besides, I need to be in good form for Sock Wars.

Of course, that doesn't mean a hiatus from all things fibery. I can still spin, so Monday night I sat down for a bit and spun a bit more of the Junior roving. I got another pound of it from the farm, but I have yet to get an invoice and suspect that I'll need to remind them to send it along so that I can pay them.

Tuesday's mail also brought 4 yards of double-width grey wool twill, which I would like to make into a non-tartan, modern-yet-fairly-conservative kilt (I just don't see black vinyl or patent leather kilts in my future, though if I were ever to do a drag act, I do have this one idea....). I have a pattern. There are also plenty of online resources. Now I just have to figure out where I have can make space to drag out my sewing machine.

Work tonight has been fairly busy with some demanding & difficult clients. Unlike Sean of the Dead, I can't hide in a cubicle in a drug-induced haze. At least it's settled down enough that my headache's gone away. And it looks like it'll be a bright sunny morning for the drive home, which is always good for the soul.


Anonymous said...

Hey, no fair! I'm not hiding in my cube. That's where I'm supposed to be. If I got a conference room and napped for an hour, THAT would be hiding!

Sorry to hear about your wrist flaring up again. I'm all too familiar with that scenario. Glad you can switch to spinning for the time being.

Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

By the way, the title of you link back to my post was super clever, so I stole it. If asked, I will give you credit. I was brought up right, you see.


Sean said...

sorry about the tendonitis. for some reason mine might be going away. not sure why, not going to question it.

Hope you're feeling better soon.