27 August 2006

Where'd the Weekend Go?

Ordinarily this week would have been my "off" week. I work a three week rotation that gives me 5 days off every third week. One of those is generally spent catching up on sleep from working the night before, but it's a nice chance to recharge my batteries. This week, as a consequence of working an extra shift, I only had three days, which have gone by very quickly.

They've not been idle days. Some of it has been spent doing some alpaca work for the landladies, which has been fun. I've also been doing a bit of spinning. I got another skein of the Junior plied, and last night I started spinning up some brown merino that I bought over a year ago.

The merino is fun. I can see how it could be confounding to people who are used to doing long draw and working with long staple wools. Drafting certainly takes more attention than the Junior. This particular roving has a fair number of neps in it, which are making it slubbier than most examples of merino I've seen, but I kind of like a tweedy yarn and am not bothered by it. It's also still got quite a lot of lanolin in it, so I'll be interested to see what it's like once it's skeined and washed. I'm spinning it to be about fingering weight once it's plied.

Weighing In

For my Friday weigh-in I was down 6.5 pounds from my starting weight. Only 25 pounds to go (actually 24 - I'm down another pound since then) and things are going well.


Chris said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

Anonymous said...

Well done on your weight loss. I've yet to try spinning, worried that I might start another obsession which knitting has become ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good job on dropping more weight. It's a slow process, but it's really satisfying to see the scale move in the "good" direction.

Keep up the good work!


FiberQat said...

Well done on the weight loss progress. Slow and steady. Don't forget to measure inches too. Those days when you think you're stuck may be those days when your body's toning up and losing inches.

So are you going to Rhinebeck to hook up with QueerJoe, the Wolverinas, and Ted?

knittingboykit said...

Glad you enjoyed the tomatoes. We're back, and there are more! Feel free to call and come by, or maybe I'll leave some on your doorstep if i get down there!