19 August 2006

In Case You Were Wondering

The diet so far is going well - 4 pounds in two weeks, which is a healthy (and hopefully sustainable) rate of weight loss. I know the mention of the "d" word caused consternation among some, but this is really more of a readjustment of my relationship with food. Growing up in the South, there are three basic food groups - fat, salt, and sugar. Well, four if you count starch, but that practically never occurs without at least one two of the first three. Actually, they're kind of like the Holy Trinity of Southern Food - one does not exist without the other two.

To be sure, I ate an awful lot of fresh garden veggies and fruit growing up - Norma has given me cravings for fresh tomato sandwiches, which is one of those quintessential summery foods I have been missing, due to my conspicuous lack of garden. Still, most of my life has been spent in thrall to fat, salt, and sugar, so the bulk of my diet plan is to make a conscious effort to change that.

The biggest thing I've done, really, is to avoid the junk food that invariably shows up at work. Skinny twenty-something techs bring in bags of chips and cheesy poofs, big boxes from Dunkin Donuts, and all sorts of things that make me lose control the moment my hand touches them. So I've made a point of not starting, and it seems to be working well so far. Otherwise I'm eating quite well, just a bit better and a bit smarter. Only 27 more pounds to go.

The Other Kind of Fiber

The wrists are still complaining, so no knitting. I tried crocheting up a mouse to felt and stuff today - need to crank a bunch out before Rhinebeck, as that's where my yarn/fiber money comes from. It went okay, but I noticed that my wrist did tire quickly, not painfully as the knitting would do right now, but enough that I'm just going to lay off that, too, and concentrate on spinning. I've been spinning more of the Junior tonight and will do a bit more before I head to bed.

Even though I'm not picking up the pointy sticks, I'm still thinking of potential projects. One thing I want to do is test drive both the J & S Shetland jumperweight and their Shetland 2000 yarns for the Schoolhouse Shetland Pullover, so I think what I'm going to do is order a little of both and do up hats in a sort of shortened dubbelmössa design using one of the pullover patterns and a simple crown design like "tree of life" for the increase/decrease sections. That should give me some idea on gauge and the hats can then go to Dulaan.

Speaking of Dulaan, Ryan is having people vote on a logo design for Dulaan 2007. Personally, I prefer the 2006 design, which seemed to be the favorite when I placed my vote, but if you want to have your say and haven't voted yet, then go over there now and do so.


Dena said...

Oh, the Dunkin Donuts that show up at work are the hardest for me to resist. Best of luck resisting the Holy Trinity.

Norma said...

Not taking that first cheese pouf (heh) or donut or brownie or piece of cake (or Diet Coke, for that matter) is really the only way it works for me, too.

Men infuriate me. I'm sorry. Four pounds in two weeks, huh? And I've been struggling along at -- if I'm LUCKY -- a half a pound a week. Some weeks, even a gain back of a pound or so, and some weeks, just static. Although I will admit I have not been following my plan to the letter. Not even close, now that I'm forced to admit it. :)

Even though you infuriate me, I'll cheer you on. Go, you!

knittingboykit said...

Yo, Mel...wanna help yourself to our tomatoes? email me me for more details =)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss! It's always nice to see the scale moving in the "good" direction.

Keep up the good (hard) work!


Anonymous said...

We have the same problem with junk food coming into our office, and surprisingly, since we're all on diets one wonders why. It seems that people buy it for home, want just a taste or "a few", and then bring it in to get it out of the house.

Part of the problem is that the kitchen at work is where we go to get out of our offices and away from our computers. So we gather there to debrief and chat, and there's food there, and...

Tallguy said...

Yup, put some fat and salt (or fat and sugar) on anything and we'll eat it --- even on styrofoam and cardboard. Yum!!

Chris said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That's something I don't actually mind about being gluten intolerant - I can't eat all the crap people bring into the office.